Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let the school year begin!!!!

I cant believe that my sweet little Kayleigh is going to be starting Kindergarten tomorrow. The little girl who puked all over her first birthday cake!!! I am going to miss her cute little face at home during the days with me but am so happy for her! She is so much looking forward to starting Kindergarten like a big kid! *ok...let the tears begin!!!! Five kids in school...and then Kenny will be starting next week for 4 days a week, 2.5 hours a day! What am I gonna do with just Gina for 2.5 hours a day? hmmm...LOTS! My oldest, Tony is going into 7th grade...WOW! We have a Communion this year also...Sydnie! I am looking forward to this school year. I can feel that its gonna be a great year for my kids and ourselves!
Have a great year kids, You'll do awesome...I just know it! Love you guys with all my heart and soul! Now...back to covering their workbooks with clear contact paper...WHAT A CHORE! LOL!

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Julia said...

Oh kinder is such a big thing these days! Good luck with all the trials of school.

Thanks for your kind wishes. I've pulled out of the darkness. I was feeling very very bad last week. Better now though.