Friday, August 27, 2010

The first week of school, and all is well...

This was the first week of school for the 5 older that's why I haven't had a chance to get on here and write. What a busy week it was...trying to adjust back to the school schedule. I wake up at 5:30, make lunches and relax. Yes, I am working on the lunch bags again...these were from this past week...I also made them a scavenger hunt list that I glued to their bags for today's lunch. Of course, I didn't get a picture of those. Oh well...It will give them something to do at lunchtime!Then at 6:30 I trudge up the steps to get 5 sleepy heads up. Usually by the 4th time yelling up the steps "get up guys", they are all up and good to go...kinda, sorta...we usually have about 10 minutes of this...

Then its breakfast, iron the uniforms that need ironing, hair, teeth and shoes...then we double check on book bags and its out the door at 7:45! Woo hoo! I think I am finally getting this whole mom "thing"!!! They clean up pretty well, I might add. tee hee! I just cant believe that I have 5 in school! I am so proud of my kids. They have been through so much and yet they all are great kids!Here is Kayleigh standing in her Kindergarten line waiting to go into her school for the first time as a student.

I was kind of apprehensive about sending her this year, since she will be turning 5 at the end of September...she is by far, the youngest one in her class...but she LOVES school. Yesterday she came running out telling me all about computer class! She also told Tony and I about a little girl (also a kindergartner) that Morgan and her asked if she wanted to be friends with them, and the little girl told them no thanks! LOL! So Kayleigh told us that that girl needs to show a little bit of respect. HAHAHA...she will do perfectly fine in there!

And finally...Kenny went back for a follow up with his docs about his g-tube. He has still not gained any weight...which to me, makes sense...he is SO active and always on the go...more so than the other kids....that he is burning the calories super fast. When he was in the hospital, he was confined to his crib and just laid that is why he gained there, and not here. We raised his intake a little bit more, so hopefully that will help. Other than that, he is doing great. He is starting to get irritated about sitting in his highchair for some of his feeds...but this is what he usually ends up doing during them (that is...if he isn't screaming his head off)...

His nutritionist told me that it was normal...we get tired after eating a turkey dinner...well, his belly is getting full so he gets sleepy. Makes sense to me. lol

I am going to be making an appt. with his audiologist because I know he can understand most things...but I don't think he can hear it right...if that makes sense. He understands what he knows he hears, but what he hears...I don't think is the vowels and consonants...he hears syllables and some sounds...I just want to make sure its not getting any worse. He still is only saying Ma and Ba and "ot and I" for hot and hi. He definitely has that "deaf sound" to his voice...but he is very vocal though.He is actually very loud about things, which is super great, because he totally fits into this family...we are all very loud people (its my Italian in me)!!! I think Tony and I are going to have to really think about the cochlear implant for Kenny. I want to give him the best possible we are going to see what that is all about....maybe.

So that's whats going on here at the Tomecko house this week...Tomorrow my girls (Taylor and Morgan) have their first football game that they are going to be cheering watch for more pics from that. And twin sister, Diane and I are celebrating a birthday tomorrow! Woo hoo! The big 41...and still feeling like a 28 year old *wink wink*!

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