Friday, August 20, 2010

Feel Free Friday...

LOL I figured since I have SO much to do today, I'm gonna just say, "feel free to..." today.
Enjoy...and oh...feel free!
Feel free to set up camp in our small living room whenever you want...the kids did!Feel free to empty the vacuum cleaner...I hate bag-less vacuums...they are SO MESSY!Feel free to clean out the "junk drawer" in our kitchen...ummm...yeah. lolFeel free to take some tomatoes off our hands...ewps...kinda had a great crop this year...with all 50 tomato plants. LOLFeel free to organize all the school supplies for each of the 5 kids going to school this year...what a chore! I cant wait for the paperwork that we have to fill out every year...JOY! tee hee.Feel free to do my laundry...I do it every day...and because of Kenny being in the kinda got backed up...I did manage to get the clothes organized and folded...feel free to put all shirts on hangers and put the pants/shorts away and then...dun dun dun...organize the socks. (p.s. there are 5 loads in the basement as well)

Have a great day everyone. God gave us busy days to keep busy and not worry about things. He must feel I really need to keep busy. tee hee.

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Tim said...

WOW Michele you so need some help.

Its great to get back over here and visit now that i have ended my bloggy break. i hope all has been well.

I will for sure be catching up soon.

Love and Prayers,