Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to my twin and I...

Thank you for being my best friend even before we were ever born.
We have been there for each other, never to be apart or torn.

We were born 41 years ago,
ha ha, it must have been quite a show

Mom and dad had twins, how exciting and fun,
but little did they know, that they still were not done.

They raised us great with tons of love and affection,
in a huge family...we were the big attraction.

Playing barbies, bike riding and swimming when we were young...
Great family and friends that's what we were among.

Walking home from Jr. High school and taking the bus,
Oh, we thought we were so cool, I mean, what was the fuss

We were always called names and teased, all through school,
With glasses and not being popular, no we were so cool.

but, we held our heads high and stood up for each other
best friends forever, throughout school ...together.

Cheer leading and singers with you by my side
you were always there if I had a problem and cried.

And even together we even off to college,
Oh yeah that was fun, we gathered a bunch of knowledge!

And then one night, the mining company we did go
We danced and mingled, we never did slow

Our big hair and dancing to the music so loud,
and meeting your husband, you picked from the crowd.

A car and clothes and secrets we did share
Separating wasn't thought of, we did not even dare.

Growing up into an adult with you always so close,
a forever best friend, right under my nose.

Even living far away has never kept us apart,
Best friends and soul sisters....right from the very start.

Through marriage and births and all the fun stuff
Through hardship and loss, which was rather very tough.

Never letting the other down, and standing always by your side
With all that you've become...I am so full of pride.

You have always been there when I really needed you
You'd know I'd do the same if I were in your shoe.

There never is a moment that I don't look back and smile
You have always been there for me, going that one extra mile.

Thank you so much for helping me through this life on earth
from playing as kids to being there through many births.

No matter the distant, I love you my sis, my friend...
always close in my heart...twins till the very end.

So today I want to wish you from the bottom of my heart,
Happy Birthday to my best friend from the start!

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