Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The days are long and demanding...the nights are all the same.
The house that's too small anyways is bombarded with boxes each day.
On top of the oxygen and breathing treatment stuff,
there are boxes of equipment, formula and medicine.
Its all for a special little boy
who seems so happy that he beat the odds of survival.
From the outside looking in, this little boy is fine.
the walk is a little off, but most would never know.
Never know that he has fought to survive,
Never know that his hearing is limited.
Never knowing that there are limitations.
His body may be scarred and battered but he smiles.
We can all learn from this little boy...
who smiles and loves his time here on earth.
He has been held by God when Tony or I couldn't hold him.
He is the one who gave him the strength to go on.
He has been given courage when everything looked dismal
When he lost his twin, he gained a guardian angel
This little boy knows no evil, he knows no hate.
He was given to our family for a very special reason.
To give us hope and courage, strength and love, compassion and respect.
Yes, the days are hard...quite crippling and exhausting sometimes.
but I take one look at my life and what was chosen for me...
and I thank God he gave me this life.
For I would never know compassion for those that had lost a child
or those that were having a hard time in life.
Never know the strength and courage it takes to raise a special needs child,
let alone 6 others on top of that.
Never know a love so deep and intense from all we have been through.
Never know the strength that I have to go on.

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Anonymous said...

Your poem brought tears to my eyes! Your son is a blessing and I know how you feel the days are long but worth it for a smile! You never know the power and strength you have in you until God puts a special needs child into your hands. It puts a whole new look into your eyes, you look through their eyes and see the world differently!
Good luck with your journey, I will enjoy reading..God Bless