Monday, December 13, 2010

Whimsically Worthwhile Wednesday

Monday and Tuesday were the first (and second) official snow days of the season. Yep, snowed in with freezing wind chills, tons of snow brought on by lake effect. We were getting pounded here in Cleveland! I was up much of Sunday night, keeping an eye on the news to see how the weather was and if the kids school was closed...and finally, at 6:00 pretty much all of the schools in NE Ohio were shut down.
They were calling for this massive snow storm Sunday night to we waited and waited. It was raining for the first half of the day on Sunday, which was great because I really wanted to get to the cemetery to see Nick. I had to fix his grave up for Christmas. I'll tell you what, If I could, I would put up a huge tree with tons of decorations on it for him...God I miss him. I really hate this time of year because it just brings up so many feelings of having a big void in our family. Its all so bittersweet knowing that Jesus was born on Christmas to show the world everlasting life in which my son knows all so well. Merry Christmas Nick
We were able to get to the cemetery Sunday but just as it started to snow and get cold!!! We put the nativity set that the kids made a few weeks ago at church on his grave along with a small Christmas tree. So now, no matter how much snow is covering the ground, we will be able to find where he's at with this beautiful cross marker that my FIL made a few years ago!
Here is what our backyard looked like at around 7 in the morning on continued to snow ALL day. The roads were horrible, but it was so peaceful and beautiful to watch (as long as you didn't have to drive in it).

I had to post some pics of what makes me keep going...We'll call this:
Whimsically Worthwhile Wednesday!

First off, the goofiness of Gina. She was in her pj's then the next thing I know, she has Kenny's boots on and a snowsuit on...then topped it off with a tu-tu! This has been every day for 4 days already. First thing in the morning to right before bed...lord help me (tee hee)

Next, the small tree with Nicks foot print ornament that the NICU made me and all sorts of beautiful ornaments that were given to us in memory of Nick...including one with Nicks name on it! Our way of remembering Nick during Christmas.
the true smiles on my two oldest kids faces! God I love to see them play and melts my heart! And finally....
My Whimsically Worthwhile Wednesday is topped off by...
My son Kenny, whom is finally starting to communicate with us as to what he wants. Sydnie was sitting by the heater (yes, THE heater that they fight over all winter long...see back posts about this), when all of a sudden Kenny went over to her and was pushing her to stand up. He then grabbed her hands and walked her into the dining room. He then proceeded to pull her hands downwards(as if telling her to go to the ground). When she didn't do what he was trying to show her...he let go and went to the ground on his hands and knees and then looked at her...He wanted her to copy him. She then went on her hands and knees (like he was). He got a huge smile on his face and started to crawl around. He wanted her to play "crawl on the ground" with him!!!! This is the VERY FIRST thing he has EVER done to show what he really wanted! I am so proud! Yes, I had a tear in my eye!! He is such a blessing. All my kids are such a blessing. I thank God every day for them!
They make it all

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