Saturday, December 4, 2010

Picture, picture who's taking the picture

Its that time of year that we Tomecko's take the famous "all kids smiling at the same time...with no melt downs" picture. My thought process to planning "the family picture" is no thought process at all! If I sat and said..."guys, on such and such day we are going to take the Christmas card picture" it would never of happened. So, one day after school, while all the kids were in good moods...I sprung it on them! Announcing to them...OK everyone...go get something nice on...were taking the picture! And believe it or not, they all did without any hesitation! I snapped one picture...hmmm...wasnt bad at all. All the kids were smiling and looking at the camera...lets take a few more just to make sure. At that point, I was trying to dig into frozen just want going to happen. Gina decided that one picture and one picture only is what she was going to sit through and smile for...Kayleigh wanted to lay down on her stomach for the rest of the pictures, and the older kids (Tony, Taylor and Morgan) were fighting over who was going to be holding, the one and only picture that they sat through was the keeper! I actually (and so do the kids) look forward to this annual event that I have quickly made a tradition for the kids and I!
Oh...and gone are the days of cute Christmas sweaters and matching outfits...yes, I was told by my teenager and preteen daughter that they don't want to look stupid anymore. Time to take them (the sweaters, not the kids) to the salvation army store!
And the finished product...our Christmas Card? Ahhh...I think I will hold off with it until closer to Christmas. I don't want to give anything away ;-)

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