Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow Angels

Yes, I'm back...trying to find time between the kids, the housework and potty breaks to get my butt back in gear to write. I have a lot of catching up to do! Seems like this last month has been cut short in terms of hours of the day! I'm still not at par with this whole "time change" schedule...neither is Kenny and Gina. By 7:30 these two are way past ready for bed!

So these last few days have seen many things...the first measurable amout of snow...and yes, it caught me off guard. I had to go down to the basement, rummage through the rubbermaid bins of shoes and boots to see who still fit into the boots we had. All I have to say it, thank God for hand me downs...the only two that I need to really buy for is Tony and Gina! Woo Hoo! In the meantime, Tony has been wearing my boots...yes...he is fitting into my boots...and I do have horribly large feet! HAHA!

Gina has been wearing Kenny's boots because he wont step one foot into the cold, wet stuff! He actually freaks out everytime I get him to walk from the house to the van. Its the sensery issues coming out in full force for him. Gina, on the other hand, will spend hours just playing on the deck...she came inside to show me how she made a snow angel...very cute!

So yeah, winter is here...the tree has been up since Thanksgiving...and believe it or not, there have only been a handfull of times when Kenny and Gina wanted to mess with the feather garland is half off and the candy canes that were on there...well...they somehow dissapeared...just so happens that as they *poof* dissapear, each one of my kids has pepperminty breath! Not to worry...10 boxes of candy canes sit in the back of the van for this very reason. Hey, its the holiday season, right?!

Which brings me to another neat thing....Kenny! Yep, Kenny....he's been working on eating lunch meat! Woo Hoo! He has finally learned to chew and swallow thinly (pretty much shaved) sliced pieces of turkey lunch meat! It started off when we were shopping. Gina usually wants a piece of lunchmeat as we are shopping...well this time, Kenny wanted a piece. We thought he's throw it on the floor, or spit it out...but nope. He chewed and swallowed it...not grant it, it took him a while, but he did it. Then, he wanted another piece...and another piece. Before we knew it he had 5 pieces of lunch meat in the store! I so badly wanted to get on the overhead speaker and tell the entire store that my son is eating lunchmeat...but I think I'd be taken away for being a bit of a loon, so Tony and I just kept the small celebration to ourselves! Since then...its been a hit or miss with his eating...I've found chewed up lunchmeat all near his highchair! What a lovely sight! haha!

Last Sunday, we went to a chuch was a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon as a family together. We made a wooden block nativity that was blessed by the priest at the end of the day and also made cards and crafts for the homebound. I just love church events that bring us all together! I love the friends we have that go there...and just the whole experience. I am so happy that my kids are learning the true meaning of family, friends and helping others.I feel very blessed in my life to have such amazing family, friends, and faith...and if you look on my left shoulder (the same side Nick was on inside of me), I also very blessed to have my very own guardian angel

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