Monday, September 12, 2011

Thoughts about our kids...

I'm changing it up a little with this post. I've been up, unable to sleep, these darn mosquito bites on my legs and feet are itching to the point of wanting to scratch them till they bleed, and then pour alcohol on them...yes, they itch THAT bad! Anyhow, Ive been thinking about all my kids and how we've shaped and moulded them into who they are today, and who they'll be in the future. Since there is no handbook as to how to raise a child (let alone, 7), it's all just a "hold you're breath and do you're best" job.
Why is it that some young teens act older than they are? Is it a bad thing? Is it alright to let a 13 year old swear or a 12 year old to wear makeup? I guess everyone has their own opinions and ideas about this, which is fine...I mean, this is why people are different...the variety of life I guess. It's called, letting your child find himself. It like getting your child into a sport, music or something else. But what happens when you're child doesn't have a certain one (or many) things he/she is good at? What happens when the social skills are slightly off and your child has never been able to find a niche where he/she belongs? Some kids are blessed with the ability to have tons of friend, even a few best friends...sleepovers, phone convos til they don't have anything else to talk about but stay on the phone just because. Some are great in a sport, music...whatever. Parents pour hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars into lessons...and some just can't...or the child just doesn't want to. Does that affect their future? Does it affect who they will or could be in the future?

What happens to the preteen and teenager who tries so hard to have friends, that it's seems like they try too hard. And when they think they finally have someone that they can connect with...something bad happens..a fight, a misunderstanding...something.
What happens to these kids when a mom or dad can't help them? A parent of an older child can't very well make play dates like we used to do in kindergarten...we can't really talk to anyone (the other kids parent, teacher) because then our kid gets looked down upon and made fun of. What then?
When you sit and wonder what your child is all about, can you really do it? Does your child have their niche in life? Confident? They are their own person? Something to be proud of? I know we have done the best we could do...but honestly, I'm pretty scared. I pray that I/we gave them enough in their childhood to shape and mould them into their own self...confident...with a sense of dignity and respect for themselves and others. I pray that just because we didn't have lots of money for lessons for this and that, that it our children will still find their "thing" in life. I mean, my hubby and I were artists...I started drawing when I was just 5...I knew what I was all about. I am holding my breath, hugging my kids (even though some days are tough with their attitudes lately) and always telling them that I love them and are proud of them.
Gotta love these teenage years.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone blossoms in their own time. Children need love, acceptance, and encouragement. The rest will follow.