Thursday, September 22, 2011

school pictures and another birthday!

What a morning! Why is it that when you see the words "picture day" on the calendar for school, you think...oh, OK...plenty of time. Just pick an outfit out and there ya go. WRONG! The kids picked their clothes out yesterday an by this morning, all you know what hit the fan! One outfit wasn't good dress looked too short. Then then shoe issues arose....the dress shoes we just bought Tony for school...for his uniform...too small. Would someone tell these teenagers to just stop growing. Then the younger ones wanted to wear white sandals and dressy flip flops (with stockings). I finally gave up. I told them to wear whatever they wanted to wear, on their feet. I figured the camera only takes the picture from the chest that's what really counts. Wish I could be like those parents who just don't do picture day...well...don't order pictures. But I can't. We have a tradition going and to see the transformation from kindergarten to the present's just something that I really can't pass it's the cheapest picture package deals for all...eek.
It was complete chaos this morning..picture me trying to help put the last minute outfits together, help Taylor with her conservative makeup....very conservative...almost non at all, curling and straightening 5 girls hair...all of which wanted a different style. Making sure they had their backpacks full of homework and school stuff together, trying to find the right stupid pair of shoes for the girls, getting Kenny up and ready for school...while he is screaming at the top of his lungs...I'm sitting thinking to myself....why couldn't I of had all boys. They,d all have short haircuts and not have to worry about hair, makeup and what they look like. I swear, having girls is one of the hardest jobs! But, they finally are all at school, good to go....I even got an I love you from them!
Which brings me to my next's my Sydnie's 8th birthday today! When she was born, she had a true knot in her cord (so did her sister Kayleigh...we'll talk about that next week for her birthday). I thank God everyday that she came 6 weeks early because if she didn't, she could very well not be here today. A knot in the umbilical cord while the baby is still inside the mommy, is one of the big reasons for babies to die in utero. I remember the doctor being in awe of the knot...yes, I have a picture of it...haha. She was one of my healthiest born babies and i just love my little big eyed, blond City Chicken, Beverly D'angelo (her nicknames) look alike! She is such a blessing to us...I know being the middle child of this crazy family, she sometimes gets lost in the crowd, but she always shines through, making our lives that much complete! She makes us laugh all the time with her funny little things she says and does...her sense of humor....holy can pull a joke or say something to her and she just laughs and laughs! She is very smart...using all sorts of words that I would never think a little girl her age would use...her new favorite is "awesome" Sydnie, have an Awesome birthday my little miracle.
Her request for today was to have chocolate that is what she is getting!

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