Friday, September 30, 2011

It's that time of year....again.

Its that time of year again...cooler, wetter weather means the start of the cold and flu season...and that is exactly what we are starting to feel over here at the Tomecko house. It started out with just me having the coughing and runny nose...a few weeks ago, and now the stupid coughing has spread to Gina, Taylor, Morgan, Kayleigh, Kenny and I even heard my hubby coughing quite a bit last night. Gina is by far, the worst out of everyone (knock on wood that no one else gets as bad...mainly Kenny). She was up all should say that WE were up all night long with the coughing and puking (from mucus). Then this morning she woke up with a fever and a really hard time breathing. So its off to the doctor today. I'm sure its an upper respiratory infection..she is really breathing hard and fast with a rattle in her chest. I pray, pray, pray it doesn't get to Kenny, who already is coughing much more than normal.

I forgot to mention on here last week about Gina cutting her hair...well...maybe I did, but I didn't show pictures of it! haha. Oh sure, I can laugh now....but when she did it, I was mortified. She comes walking from the kitchen into the room that I was sitting in...and as she was walking, I noticed some of her beautiful yellow blond curls were falling to the ground. It didn't register with me as to what was going on until she said that she cut her hair. WHAT?!!! I looked at her and noticed that some of the hair that used to be covering her eyes were gone...but that's all I could really concentrate on because of the shock! I ran into the kitchen to see what and where she did this, and sure enough...there was the pile of curls! I saw how big the pile was so I had to assess the damage that she did to her head. I grabbed the brush and started to brush her messy hair only to see clumps of hair stuck to the brush. OK...a little stunned at this point...I was just praying that it wasn't a huge chunk taken out. she took the whole front part of her hair down to maybe a half an inch and then she gave herself layers in the back...still leaving the length. THANK GOODNESS! So now it just looks like she has very short bangs or that her hair is brushed and parted off to the side. I am so happy it wasn't like when little Tony cut Taylor's hair when they were little (I should have known that those two would have issues with each other growing up)...and especially when Morgan cut her hair...I swear, that girl thought she was Dora or something!

So off to take care of Gina who is having a hard time breathing (as I type this) and waiting for Kenny to come home from school...I just hope he is feeling alright...I'm waiting for the bomb to drop.

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