Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bad Mommy Award goes to...ME

And the Bad Mommy Award goes to.......ME! I should have saw it coming...Gina's nose started to run a little bit last night but I didn't make anything of it. I was so determined to find this darn white (or cream colored) sweatshirt or long sleeve t-shirt for Kenny. His preschool class is making leaf shirts at school with a family member and he needed one for today. As the days are going by, we have not been able to find any plain white(or cream colored) sweatshirts or long sleeved t-shirts for that matter! Its been so freakin frustrating. Anyhow, yesterday we went to 4 different stores, desperate to find ANYTHING...and still...nothing. Last night I finally concluded that we were just going to use just a plain white t-shirt for him. I mean...he's just a kid, he'll probably only wear it once...maybe two times before he stains it all up. So that was my decision and I was now getting excited about his craft with a loved one day at school. Oh...let me add that I was also going to be bringing Gina to also make a shirt because Tony had a big job he had to get done for this morning.

The plan of action for this morning was to get everyone up and ready for school (easier said than done). I had my share of kids fighting with each other, and then actually yelling at me! uuuurg!!! Yes...that word....or for those English really showing my frustration from the morning from heck!

The camera was already put strategically in my purse last night so I could just whip it out and start the picture taking of Kenny (and Gina) making their shirts. Yeah...well...massive change of plan. During the night, Gina decided that she was going to start coughing. Not just a small cough that lasts for just a short time...oh no...she had to go to the full extent of sounding like she was a barking seal...ALL.NIGHT.LONG! So this morning, she wakes up...fever, cough and runny nose. LOVELY! So now what am I supposed to do? Its like a deja vu from last year when Kenny was to make a Christmas shirt with a loved one..and Gina was sick. The first thing that I thought of was...medicate her with Benadryl, Triaminic, Vicks...anything that would hide her symptoms...but as the morning is going on, I just cant do that. I would feel very guilty if someone from Kenny's class gets really sick from her. Its bad enough that Kenny is already starting to cough. So...the award for the Worst Mommy In The World goes to...ME. I wont be able to go to Kenny's school and be with him, making his shirt. All the other mommies will be there and my poor Kenny will be by least without a "loved one". I am hoping that Kenny forgives me for not being there for him. The guilt I have over this really blows! It just adds to the past few weeks of events.

I think I'm going to make a huge pot of beef stew...its supposed to be a comfort meal...and boy do I need comfort after this one!

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