Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Perfect Day

We had an awesome time yesterday meeting everyone at the Middleburg Heights Kmart where Kenny is the Ambassador. They were just all so very nice to all of us! And the store spirit they have for raising money for the March of Dimes...just top notch! You can tell that the March of Dimes really means something to all these people. I am so very happy to have met them all and have these people in our lives! Again, thank you for everything you have done.

This morning at the walk was just as great! We met a lot of people and just had a great time! The day started off....well....actually...last night when I stayed up and packed the diaper bags, gotten extra clothes and made sure all the shirts were done. I then got on line and printed the online March of Dimes donation page. This morning I woke up at 5, made sure the last minute stuff was set, woke the kids and hubby up at 7 so we could be at registration at 8. Believe it or not, we got their at 8:30!!!! Remarkable for us because we are always late for everything!!!We met up with Kathy and the great people from Kmart (whom we met yesterday). It was so nice seeing everyone again! Took tons of pictures and then the walk began!

We walked, and walked and walked and one told us that there was a short route....oh yes...we walked 4 miles!!! It was very long but tons of fun. I am very proud of my kids who didn't even complain once about walking!!! We saw the Cleveland Browns stadium, the Rock hall, Quicken Loans arena, the building with the big many things that we wouldn't of even seen if it wasn't for the walk (mainly because of...well...7 kids, need I say anything more. LOL)

Anyhow, Great time, great walk...very emotional for me...I cried and found out that my mascara is NOT waterproof! I know that this is something that we will be doing every year. It is so important to let everyone know how a premature birth affects a family. Babies dying everyday because they were born too soon. Children who were born too soon having disabilities and health issues. It hits home for us.

This is why this all happened. We would never of met so many people whom we've had the honor of meeting...from the nurses/doctors in the NICU, Kenny's PT/OT therapists and everyone who works with him, to all the great people from the March Of Dimes and Kmart!

It was a day that I didn't worry about money...I didn't worry about having to do this or that...I didn't worry about every day life stresses or anything. I did think of what Tony and I have been through in these 11 years of being parents to 8 beautiful children. What it has shaped us into as a couple, as parents. Our losses AND our miracles. The smiles on our kids faces and being able to tell people about Kenny and Nick and have them know what we have been through and are going through...

I know Nick was walking with us today...I felt him with us. Today was a perfect day!


Katie said...

A perfect day for a wonderful family! I look at your beautiful children and I realize what is important in, love, and doing for others. Keep up the amazing work!

Quadmama said...

I'm glad you had such a great day. Thank you for spreading awareness about prematurity.