Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter (in the hospital) UPDATED

It all started a few days ago with this cough that wouldn't stop, no matter what we did. Yesterday I finally told Tony that we needed to take him in to the ER. I took Little Tony with me because he wanted to be around his baby brother, while Tony held the fort down and for the first time EVER did Easter eggs with the girls...I mostly have white eggs! LOL!!!

Anyhow, we got there and they took him right back, because of his history. He had a fever and was pulse ox-ing in the lower 90's which wasn't too bad. It was the cough that they didn't like. So after being there for 3+ hours...he had a triple dose of Albuterol, steroids, Motrin, chest x-ray, IV put in (for antibiotics and fluids), they wanted to keep him because they saw a spot on his lungs that they are pretty sure that it is pneumonia. They also did a nose swab because they are not ruling out shall see. On a good note, the nurses totally remember Kenny from the previous stays and there was one nurse that remembered him from the NICU! He has made THAT MUCH of an impact on people! This is not the way I wanted our Easter to be. Trying to make Easter as normal as possible for the other kids yet be there for Kenny. I guess we have to get used to the fact that the "normal" for us is what it is...hospitals, breathing treatments, worrying if the next time Kenny goes into the hospital, if it will be life threatening because of his little lungs. It's a very scary feeling...the not knowing...but I guess that this is our "normal".

Please have a very Happy Easter and spend time with family and friends...enjoy one another and be there for one another to celebrate life and everlasting life.

Here is Kenny in his room...Little Tony took this on my cell phone so it's blurry and not the best picture of the Ken man...He actually kind of looks like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone! LOL!

UPDATE: We could use as many prayers as possible. His fever is over 103, his urine output is not that great and he is still coughing very bad. I am very worried about him. Please say tons of prayers that he pulls through this. They are saying that it's pneumonia and RSV. Please, please pray for a good outcome. I am very, very worried. This Easter has not been very nice for us or for the kids. we've all been very worried about our little guy.
Thanks again.



Anonymous said...

I hate the breathing treatments didn't help and you had to end up in the ER with him.

Double whamy for him!!
I sure he gets better soon.
I know you are very worried, as I would be too. I've been there where you are.

This is OUR normal =)
Know you are not alone.
You'll be in my prayers.

J9 said...

Hang in there michele. I am thinking of you guys.

liz.mccarthy said...

OH my, I'm hoping that your little man kicks this soon ! We just almost ended up in the ER ourselves with the same horrible crud.

Liz M

Tim said...

Michele we are right here with you. Anything you need just let us know. We are in prayer now that he gets over the pnuemonia and RSV very quickly. We trust that God will heal his body now so that he will breath easier and his fever will subside.

Love and Prayers,


Young Christian Woman said...

Praying for you all.

Quadmama said...

Your entire family is in my thoughts and prayers. I pray for a speedy recovery.

Jen said...

I am thinking and praying for yall!!! I wish that I was close enough to help, please please let me know if I can do anything for you!
Hugs and much love!
Jen and baby Zach

Lisa C. said...


We will keep you and your family in our prayers, and sorry your Easter wasn't supreme.. :(

Melissa said...

My prayers are with you