Saturday, April 25, 2009

March of Dimes weekend is here!

Just a few quickies....
This weekend is going to be a busy one for us! Today we are going to be at the Middleburg Hts. K-mart to meet and greet the employees. We are going there to thank them for all their fundraising that they have done for the March of Dimes and to tell them our show why they raised the money! It is going to be very fun and emotional because I will be telling them about our hardships and triumphs!
Tomorrow will be the March for Babies walk! We started the fundraising late, but still collected more than we thought we could raise. Thank you all that contributed!
Kenny is now suffering from an ear infection. I really thought that he was banging his head on the floor and walls for no other reason than to just inflict pain on himself...I really though that he would have to wear a helmet so he wouldn't hurt himself until my sister told me that head banging could also be a sign of an ear off to the doctor we went...I really think the peds office is getting sick of seeing the Tomecko family! LOL! Anyhow, sure enough...ear infection! Started him on antibiotics ans hopefully we wont be seeing too much of the head banging....I swear...he's got a big black and blue on his forehead from banging it on the tile and wood floors!
I want to switch gears here and ask that you all please say a prayer for the Freemans. Their daughter Kayleigh is not doing very well. Please pray that a miracle will happen, as it has in the past for their baby, and if it doesn't happen, please pray that they have the strength, courage, love and guidance from God to get them through this. You can read what they are going through on their blog...
We have been there...know what they are experiencing and feel very bad that they have come so far, and now this.
So please pray.
Thank you all so very much!

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