Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ah so much going on! Lets see...my daughter, Sydnie, had an eye appt. today because she failed her school and physical eye exam...she has been walking around the house with my sunglasses on because her HUGE eyes are dilated...Well she is thinking she is Paris Hilton or something because every time she walks past my mirrored curio cabinet, she is staring at herself...way too funny...and cute I might add! She does have astigmatism, but they are going to wait a year for glasses...to be honest, she was really looking forward to wearing pink glasses, so breaking the news to her that she didn't need them was very disappointing to her...so if she wants to wear the sunglasses...so be it. LOL! Oh one other funny thing. Ever since Sydnie was born, I always commented on how I thought her one eye was a little "off"...her ped told us that it was her one lid that was "bigger" than the other...I didn't buy it, so I asked this eye doctor today...hee hee....he told me that her eye give the impression that it is going out, but....it is actually her pupil that is slightly off center. I KNEW IT~!!! I wasn't going nuts all these years! LOL!!!
After her appt. we took Kenny to his Pulmonologist for his check up. His lungs were clear (thank God) but he is not liking how Kenny hasnt gained any weight...still 20 lbs with clothes on! I mentioned that he gasp for air several times a night and then starts coughing and throwing up. He is sending Kenny to a GI specialist for that. He is thinking that there is some kind of reflux happening..and they can also help with the calorie intake for him. I am so happy that the doctors at Metro are helping us AND Kenny. I was also told that Advair was not approved for children, let alone micro-preemies! Ummmm can you say I am kind of ticked off that our family pediatrician would even consider this!!!! So now, it is still the Pulmicort, Albuterol and now Singular because Kenny gets out of breath as he crawls...and I really cant keep him on his oxygen during the day...he hates wearing it! So at least we are getting answers!
Oh, and I also might add that Kenny is going to be the local K-mart store Ambassador for the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes wants to put faces to the fundraising efforts that K-Mart and their employees are involved in. So, our little guy will be representing one of the locations! yeay!
I got the first batch of shirts made for the hospital...I am so excited about that...
I will be taking them on Thursday!
AHHHH!!!got to cut this short...the little guy decided to pull down a plant off the end table! NICE!


Anonymous said...

lol, that so cute! i remember when i was a kid, i so wanted to wear glasses, i actually asked my mom if she could bring me to the doctor and ask for eyeglasses. :D

Shawie said...

sounds like you're having a great time with your kids:) I came from a big family too of 8 kids and I'm the oldest...it's really fun when everybody wants to talk and would like to impress our parents with our performance in school...there was a competition when we were kids but we get over it when we were older & supported each other:)
hope you'll have a great time on your son's presentation:)

Michele said...

Liza, I think I am going to have to buy her fake ones! LOL

Michele said...

I do have fun with them...sometimes they are a little crazy, but...I just keep telling myself that they are just kids!