Friday, February 20, 2009

Today's update on our Kenny

Today's therapy was so nice with Kenny. He was able to put shapes in the shape sorter with the help of blocking the other shape holes! He has never really let go of the blocks before. He was also trying to let go and stand for a few seconds at a time! He was so proud of himself that he was actually standing on his own! The look on his face was priceless! My little guy who struggles everyday with one thing or another, was actually doing things that made him so excited! Beth also had him trying to scribble with one of those magnetic doodle pads...he did it, but was more interested in the string that held the pen to the board. I just keep kissing his cute head because I see that he wants to learn...that he gets happy and excited when he does something! He is using his hand together more lately, so that is another plus! I haven't taken him out of this house for a while...he was supposed to go for his audiologist appt. this morning, but he is still fighting this dumb cold! I was up with Kenny AND Gina again last night...actually....I've gone through 2 24oz. cups of coffee from Speedway...and now I am relying on the pot of hot tea that I made...because I've been up since 3 am. Starting to crash a little...not liking it!LOL!
We discussed sending Kenny to 2 day a week therapy school...I really think that would be great for him. They would work on his PT/OT and Speech/feeding...and he'd be around other kids like him. Like I said, I think it would be great for him, but I am nervous to send him because his lungs are so bad...and he is always getting sick...I guess it is time to really talk to his doctor about this. It's almost a no win situation...see...if we send him somewhere for PT/OT and the other therapies...he will get sick...if we don't send him...he wont excel in his development...not to mention how sick he has been...and what he has missed just from being sick.
I cant take him to preemie clinic, because he has been so sick, yet he really needs to's just a continuous circle of events that wont stop. Now Gina is starting to get up on her knees and spin around in circles, scoot (backwards), hold things with both hand...and it shows me just how far behind Kenny is with things. Yes, he is making great progress for what he has been through, but it gets to me. I feel bad for him...that he is struggling with everyday stuff while it is supposed to come natural for babies. Isn't it bad enough that he went through so much when he was born...and those long 4 months in the hospital....losing his twin brother, whom shared a special bond with inside of me, being near death several times?! I am at a loss for all the options of what kind of therapies are good I know he needs speech and feeding therapy...but from who? Where? He is almost 22 months old and still not cruising against furniture...when will he start walking? Will he ever be able to walk? I am so scared for him and what the future holds. He is so precious and pure...when he looks at you, his eyes see right through you...almost to your soul...its kind of a peaceful, calm look that he gives. I just pray that this world is good to him throughout his lifetime because his everyday tasks may be harder for him to do, he may not be able to hear very well, or even talk, have horrible lungs which require oxygen at night, walk or eat solids, but he is still our family's miracle. And we all will love and protect him till eternity because that is what family is all about!

I want to give a short shout out to my sister Andrea, who is turning 38 today! Woo Hoo! Have a very Happy Birthday sis! Love ya much!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Michele. Of course I will pray for you and your family. Kenny sounds like a very special blessing, and I hope for the very best for all of you!

Natalie said...

Hi! I just stopped by your blog when I saw you had dropped a card on mine and wanted to tell you how very inspiring your story is. God bless you for your large family, and may God bless your little guy who is beating the odds. This story means a lot to me because my stepsister gave birth to her second daughter on Thanksgiving at about 28 weeks. She has done remarkably well and went home a few weeks ago. She has braces on her legs and still has to be on monitors, but she is home and doing well. Only time will tell what other challenges she may face, but we know what a miracle she is!

Many prayers as Kenny continues to grow and develop! Whoever he turns out to be, whatever he is able to do, he will be exactly who God made him to be, and he will be an inspiration to many. God bless!

Lisa C. said...

hey dropping by to return the drop. and couldn't stop reading. I have twin girls and complain cause my husbands always deployed... I can't imagine 9 children.. you go to prove that love IS everything. Your faith is strong, your bond is amazing, and your love for each other will definitely see you through. So happy to hear Kenny is progressing well. We will be praying for you and your family...