Sunday, February 15, 2009

Milestones for Micros! Please Help!

I am looking for anyone that wants to donate plain baby shirts. We are going to be making shirts for MetroHealth's NICU graduates for their first birthdays, along with our preemie friends here online. It is all about our preemies who had the odds against them but pulled through, and is now celebrating their first birthdays! PLEASE PASS THIS INFO ON TO EVERYONE THAT YOU KNOW. You can contact me through the comments. I really want to make this happen, but I am extremely limited on $$ (for obvious reasons). I am going to need sizes 9-12 month shirts in boys and girls. must be plain. It doesn't matter if they are long sleeve or short. I am not asking for money...just new shirts.

This has been in the planning ever since Kenny was turning 1, and now I really am going to make this happen. Our little miracles are very special and to be celebrating their first birthdays is such a milestone. When you are in the NICU and you don't know if you are going to be bringing your baby home or not, it is such a relief when the time comes when the doctors tell you that its time to go home! That first year is scary...the oxygen, monitors, constant doctor visits, medication...and yes, the occasional hospital stays...Heck, the second year is not that much better! LOL! But to know and to tell the world that your preemie (micro) made it through everything...that YOU (as a parent) made it through everything, is very important!

So I am asking you all to pass this on to everyone that you know...Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

On another note,Valentine's Day 2009 turned out to be a very normal day in the Tomecko house. It seems like the cold that Kenny and Gina have is just getting worse by the day. The day consisted of breathing treatments, coughing and crying...and the last one was a little bit from me. LOL! How the heck can I have so many kids with wheezing! I got rid of the carpet, the dog...dust everyday, scrub the floors every day along with vacuuming...and no matter what I do, they still get sick and wheeze. We now have Kenny on Advair twice a day...I don't know if its working or not. He is getting his Albuterol as needed for his fast breathing and coughing too. I feel so bad for him. Gina is just doing the whole wheezing in the chest with the coughing...she is not on anything yet, but I have a feeling come Monday, that might change. *sigh.

(I just saw the popsicle laying on the couch...lovely!)

So can I please get tons of prayers that these poor babies of mine get better and not worse. I am so worried about Kenny, between the fevers, coughing, not eating and wheezing, it is setting up to be a hospital stay. So, please pray. Thanks.

Our big Valentine's dinner that Tony and I decided on was going to be steak, baked potatoes and salad...he came home with a couple of steaks (the cheap ones lol) and some chicken for the kids....I was getting so excited that we were actually going to have a good dinner...short lived....I don't have a broiler on my oven! How can I NOT have a broiler?!!! Just goes to show you how much I broil foods. During the summer, we would put the steaks on the grill...our grill is in the city dump as of the fall...we ended up eating the baked potatoes and salad...for the 2nd time this past week. One day I'll be able to go out on an actual date with my love and have a real steak dinner! But for now, it just the way it is.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I would be happy to donate some plain baby shirts to your cause. I'm a boutique owner as well as a mom of preemie twins. You can contact me at and let me know where to send.

All the best!

Ritchelle said...

HAPPY Valentines day to you and your lovely kids.

I wish for your little ones good health, may the wheezing and everything be gone so they could start jumping for joy.I know how hard it is for us parents to see our kids sick. And I admire you for being for brave and courageous.

I wish I could help with sending plain shirts. I will try spreading the news.Thank you very much.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

I am wishing a good health for your babies. As a mother I know how hard it is for us seeing our children getting sick.Thanks God that my babies are fine, but mostly I have problems with them during teething period, they often got sick.

Thanks for the visit. More Power to Your Family.