Monday, March 2, 2009

I hate being sick!

Well, this weekend was supposed to be the weekend that we were going to film our video for the application for Extreme Makeover Home Edition...but....I got sick. Oh yeah...fever, sore throat, swollen glands, and now I have this horrible rash from head to toe! I think I was misdiagnosed...I really think I have/had strep but the "doc in a box"( center) did the quick strep test and it came back ended up calling my condition "Sinusitis". Now anyone that knows me knows that for my entire life, I've dealt with chronic sinus problems...THIS is not one of those times. I can actually breath just fine...its the throat...unable to swallow ANYTHING since Friday! I'm on Biaxin, so hopefully that will take care of whatever this mystery illness is...and I wont pass it onto the kids or hubby.
Anyhow, back to this video that we are doing, we are really looking forward to doing it! We even a little surprise for the "goodbye" scene! If anyone that knows us would please help by making a small video clip as to why you feel we need EMHE to help us, please make one and send it to me via e-mail or something.
Nothing else new going on...Gina learned to roll front to back and back to front, sit up and she LOVES to eat! Kenny, well...he's still doing good. We had to let him cry himself to sleep last night because he wanted to play at 3:00 a.m....not good when you take Benadryl and NyQuil! He ended up not really crying, just complaining...then BAM...asleep! He slept till 10:00 this morning! Taylor slept over her friends house on Friday, and loved it. She never gets asked to go or even sleep over anyone's house, so she LOVED IT! Tony (my son), went over his cub scout leaders house on Saturday to do all the things he needs to do to get the "Arrow of Light"...which he then becomes a Boy Scout. *sigh* I remember when he first started in 1st grade! My baby is growing up! Morgan, well...she won a DVD player at the Kiwanis pancake breakfast raffle...Yay Morgan!
So that is about all the updates for this weekend. We are going to be busy all week with a bunch of appts. for Kenny. He has his hearing and PT appt tomorrow, and preemie clinic on Thursday. He was supposed to have his GI appt today, but because I am not feeling good, I rescheduled. That's about all.

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