Friday, March 6, 2009

A little book that was given to me

I want to share a little book that one of my best friends gave me. She saw that I was feeling down from life's struggles, and thought that I would like/need to read this book. I have to say that this book is one of the best books I have read! I go back and reread it every night! It is getting me through these very trying times!

So thank you very much Denise for thinking of me and helping me. I was beginning to think that there is this good, luck twin/bad, unlucky twin thing that goes on in this world....Tony and I are both "twin A's" and it's is Kenny! We both (Tony and I) have had such horrible luck, in all aspects of life and it seems our twins (who we love very offense to you guys) have such good luck, in every aspects. We cant seem to catch a break. Even on our "Honeymoon....we ended up going to Middleburg a hotel. Even wearing shirts that said "Just Married" we didn't even get a bottle of champagne or even a complimentary piece of breakfast toast! LOL! I am hoping that this is just a fluke and there is no such thing as the lucky/unlucky "bizarro world or something. LOL Anyhow that is old stuff...that we just laugh off.

Anyhow, for all of you that have had a tough time in life, this book is a little light at the end of the tunnel...GOOD READING!

Kenny got his last Synagis shot of the year! Woo hoo! He gets one in each leg every month to prevent RSV...which could be deadly to him because of his lungs. He already got a slight case of it last month, but thank God, he didn't have to go into the hospital! I am PRAYING that next month, when he doesn't get his shots, that he wont get RSV... that happened last year to sucked. Anyhow...we are prepared! HE goes to his GI specialist on Monday, hearing on Tuesday, and PT on Wednesday...busy week for the little guy. When he went into the peds office to get his shots, they had to weigh him....he was down to 19 lbs. 14-15 he lost some weight...I am hoping it is because he is getting taller...I hope! I got 2 jars of baby food in him tonight...Yay for me!!! We are trying to figure out why he doesn't want to walk...he can stand by holding onto something, but to cruise along furniture or walk with an adult holding his way. I kind of feel bad for the little guy! On the other hand...Gina is catching up quickly to him! She gets to where she wants to in her walker and by scooting all over the place...she is even out eating him on finger foods. I just have to keep in mind that she is normal...Kenny has special needs and will eventually catch up! He's got too...he Kenny! LOL!!!

I had a comment sent to me that at least I had a good childhood, and a place to live and the necessities of life...I would like to comment back....Yes, I has an awesome childhood. I didn't have the top of the line, expensive stuff and I shared a room with my sisters, but my parents were/are great parents. They have been through a lot in their lives and still were able to raise strong, confident children (in a slightly dysfunctional way) LOL!!! Yes I do have a wonderful husband who works his butt off for us, and so do I, in a different way (it's kinda like the 50's style marriage...husband works and wife takes care of the house and kids). What I don't post in my blog is that financially, these last few months have been disastrous...I wont go into details because it is personal, but we are lucky that , for now, we do have a home, a car, and the basics (and when I say the basics...its the very basics). Everything bad that has happened in our lives has happened in the last couple of years. We would never of had so many kids if we couldn't afford them...and we were doing a pretty good job at it, I must say! Hospital stays, doctor appts, and the economy takes a lot out of a person, emotionally, financially, and physically. Thank God we have a strong faith in God, our Church, friends and some family members. I am re-training my thinking about everything as to a learning experience and that this whole scheme of things from Nicks death (which I still feel guilty for along with all of Kenny's disabilities), to only getting needs over wants, to having a house falling apart in front of our eyes....just a setback...wont last. It's all in Gods hand and with positive thinking, I am praying that it will all work out in the end! Tony and I have a strong loving marriage and we love our kids dearly and we know this is all we need! There is no self pity, remorse, or whatever else....spring is right around the corner and I am using my sadness and life experiences to my full advantage by helping others who are just entering this journey of Micro Preemie parenthood!

On another note, I am starting my campaigning for the March Of Dimes walk on April 26 here in Cleveland. Our family Team Tomecko will be walking in honor of Nick and Kenny. We are looking for friends and family who wants to walk with us for this great cause because without the March Of Dimes, Kenny wouldn't be here today, and we wouldn't have had 2 precious days with our angel Nick. So if anyone would like to walk with Team Tomecko or donate, please let me know! Thank you very much for your support!


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