Monday, January 26, 2009

Kenny hits 20 lbs!

Yes that is right...our little 1 lb. 7 oz. little man has finally hit the big 2-0! At 20 months old, Kenny has hit that magical number! Woo Hoo! Twenty pounds means he actually will be sitting in a regular car seat...FORWARD. We are beyond excited

On the down side to that...he is sick...again. Actually, Gina is the one with the Bronchiolitis/RSV, so we are going to have to keep an eye on both of the little ones. We were up all night, between Gina coughing and crying and Kenny with his fast, shallow breathing...I would sit and count how many breaths per minute he'd be breathing and it was 60 bpm all night...needless to say, it didn't make for a very relaxing night. I am hoping tonight is a little better.

Gina had her 6 month old check up today and she is a healthy 16 lbs. So I guess it's 2 new car seats very soon...gotta love my Irish twins! LOL!!! She is starting to scoot and pivot when on her belly also grab for things with both hands now. You know, even after all these kids, I still find it so fascinating how babies can just start hitting milestone after milestone and do things that just a week prior to, couldn't...I am in such awe of what God has created.

This weekend was such a busy one for our bunch. My 3 oldest kids read the petitions at the family mass on Sunday...the practiced all week long...and all 3 did a fantastic job! They each had a word or 2 that they stumbled over while practicing, but when it came down to it...all three read their petitions perfectly. I was so proud of them. Oh, to top it off, it was a crowded mass, so they had to read in front of a tons of people (I could NEVER do that!).

After church, the school had open house (they go to Catholic school). You know, I never get tired of seeing what my kids have done in school. I love seeing their good grade papers on the walls. All the art projects that they have been working on. I love seeing and talking with all the teachers and parents. We have really made some great friends and acquaintances there during these past 6 years! My husband, who used to go to St. Francis, gave the gym a little "face lift" this week... He wanted it to look nice for the open house. It's nice to see someone that really takes pride in his Alma mater! It's still sad that Fr. Hoban wasn't there to see the gym, all the school kids and well, just about everything...he is really missed.

On a different note,

I had a visitor tonight...As I was cleaning the kitchen from Little Tony and I making pizzelles for his cub scout's bake off, someone knocked on our side door. I thought it was one of my husbands friends or clients or something, so I answered the door. There stood a man holding a box of bakery...he went on to thank us for putting up the sign in our front yard...(a little side note)...Since we live on a main road and know a lot of police officers, my husband decided a few years back, to put up a sign in our front yard telling people to "thank a police officer, their doing their job for us"...then when a cop was killed a couple of years ago, he put up a sign next to it in honor of that fallen police officer...well, since then, he put up 3 more. The latest officer was a 24 year old named Jarod Dean, who was killed cleaning up after an accident.

Anyhow, getting back to this person at my side door. So then, he proceeded to tell me that Jarod was his heart went to the floor and then to my throat. This man standing in front of me just lost his brother...not even a week ago...and he is giving US bakery?! I so badly wanted to hug him and tell him that I know what he and his family is going through...because I too lost a brother. I wanted to talk with him so much, but all that came out was that I was sorry for his loss and that we were praying for their family...that's it! OMG! I just went blank! I am planning of getting hold of his family to explain my "lack of words". I just feel so bad that I just stood there like a deer in headlights..he completely caught me off guard. That poor family, they have a long road ahead of them. My love and prayers go out to them.

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