Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our March Of Dimes day

Well today was very therapeutic for me. I finally got out of the house a little bit and did something for a cause. I was at a booth for the March Of Dimes passing out info. I loved it. I made friends, got to great just was very nice. So nice, that I really want to get involved in all of the local fundraising and the events that take place. It is a cause that I really believe in...every baby should be born healthy...and on time! From a mom who had all her babies early...I would have loved to have known the feeling of a healthy pregnancy and baby. I know that because of my bicornuate uterus that having a full term pregnancy is almost not thought of, but for those women who have their babies early for no reason or because they don't have insurance or the money for prenatal care along with vitamins...just shouldn't be. It's amazing how as I was sitting at the booth, women would just walk by....actually try to avoid the table, like I was going to be one of those surveyors at the mall or was pretty funny. If those women only knew the struggle that a mother and father of a premature baby has to deal with...the NICU, the hospital visits, the doctor appts...if they only knew that the March Of Dimes gives so much to help these babies and their is Kenny flirting with everyone that walked by...oh yeah..he was our little spokesperson for the day! My husband also confirmed that he is a "chick magnet". Tony was such a great dad today. He ended up walking the mall about 10 times with most or all of the kids. LOL He had to of gotten the looks...a guy, no wife around, and 7 kids...oh yeah...the women walking the mall were probably thinking that he is the worlds greatest dad and hubby....which he is...and the guys in the mall were probably thinking that he is screwed because if there was no wife around...that means he was probably divorced...and divorced with Sunday visitations with 7 kids = a whole lot of child support! LMBO!!! But anyways...the kids were, for the most part, really good. They got to go to a mall...which they have not done in about 2 years, help me out....yes, they passed out bags and information packets, and it was just an overall nice day.... except for the snow storm that dumped 4 more inches! Blah!

This is Little Tony, Kenny and myself...

When I did get the chance to look around at the bridal booths that were set up, I fell in love with this local bakery... these cakes were so beautiful..made me want to get married all over again! These were my favorites!!!
So now that I am inspired to make a difference in prematurity... Our whole family will be walking the March of Dimes, March for Babies walk April 26. We will be walking because ALL of my children were premature...and that's a lot of prematurity in one family! I am striving to reach our goal of $500 raised, so if anyone would like to make a donation for a great cause, feel free to help.

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