Friday, January 30, 2009

My opinion on the birth of those 8 babies

She already has 6 at home!!! They range in age from 7-2! I'm pretty ticked off about this because there is no way she should have been taking fertility meds...none! Is it now a "thing to do"...lets see how many premature babies I can carry at one time...MAN! this really is hitting a nerve with me. That would be like me getting fertility treatments. Were they all looking to get the media coverage, money, book deals, name it? I just don't understand. Just because she probably wants her 15 min of fame. Is there a law as to who can get treatments? doesn't it seem like people, including celebs, abuse the whole fertility treatment issue? Shouldn't it be for people that are having a hard time getting pregnant and not for people who just want "twins" or 12 kids all at once, so they can break records...etc? I find it disgusting that these people are doing this. Does money mean that you can choose to have twins, triplets...octuplets...Do these people know what happens in a NICU? I know first hand...its not pretty...and they are risking the lives of those innocent babies! Not to mention all the problems they are facing as they get older. I say, shame on the doctors and hospital for even thinking about implanting more than 2 in this woman...even 3...she has a 2 year old for god sake. What kind of fertility problems could she possibly have? Was the hospital looking to cash in on this record breaking pregnancy/delivery? Come on! Shame on the parents too. Do they think they hit the lottery? I pray that those babies are healthy and lead a great life....but I sit here startled at the fact that at one time, fertility treatments were used to help couples who were having a hard time conceiving on their own, and now its being used be people who want more than one. Look at all the celebs that have started having twins...there is NO WAY that these people conceived them spontaneously...none! Especially since getting a picture on a magazine cover can pay millions! Does that mean if I had money, both my twins would be here? Its just disgusting...that's all.
OK... I read some of the articles surrounding this and she has had fertility treatments in the past...hence her set of 2 yr. old twins...
Well if she has fertility issues in the past...don't you think that they should of only implanted a couple eggs...I mean...7 eggs (I'm giving them that because they didn't know about #8). Is there a limit as to how many they can/will implant? Isn't there a moral code for doctors or something? They knew that the fertility treatments worked...they worked for her last implanting all those fert. eggs and then offering her selective reduction was the hospitals fault. How do they expect a pregnant woman to "reduce" her pregnancy...they should of only put a few in!I am not bashing the parents for wanting children...I am bashing everyone involved for risking the lives of the babies and mother...just for publicity and that is ALL it comes down to...when you look at the whole thing! I know that in some articles, they said that they were going to be hard to find...but...come on...when the $$ offers start, they wont turn it one would.

Added comment: I was sent this comment anonymously and want to comment on it:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "My opinion on the birth of those 8 babies": I'm sorry, but I really don't think it is our business to judge. Honestly, as I read your blog and how all of your pregnancies were rough and risky, my first thought was "why did she keep getting pregnant and risking more little lives? Why didn't she adopt instead?"There are many people out there who don't think people should have 8 kids like you did, especially when you live in such a small house. People might call that irresponsible. We don't know why this family made the choices they did, but it isn't our business. The family asked for privacy, and I think they deserve it.

I want to let people know that my post and feelings have nothing to do with how many kids this person has, it has to deal with the ethical factors that were involved with putting so many fertilized eggs inside of ANY woman, at one time. I didn't "attack" anyone. To come at me stating the fact that I shouldn't of had all these kids, should have adopted, and call ME irresponsible was very inappropriate...maybe that is why this person chose to stay anonymous, IDK. I have a loving home, money to feed, clothes and give my kids a nice life. I teach them right from wrong, how to be responsible kids, send them to a good catholic school...and my house is kept as nice as it can be. It is small, but we don't know any other way. I'm not the only one questioning this woman...It just so happened that I was one of few that questioned it its all over the its not just me!
I wish no wrong on anybody nor do I judge people...I was stating facts about this whole situation.
Thank you.


Magpie said...

Having been through IVF three times to get one child, I do have a hard time understanding what they were doing, not to mention the doctors...

J9 said...

I just want to know how a single mother with six kids already, who doesnt work, even AFFORDED IVF that many times.
It was pretty expensive for us.

Katie said...

On top of it, she's a single mother & lives with her parents...perhaps she lives with her parents so they can help her take care of the 6 kids...of course if that's the case why did she have more!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the person who posted anonymously the other day. I wanted to clear a couple of things up. As a mother of many, I most definitely do not hold the opinion that you should not have had so many kids. I was just saying that that is the opinion of some. I'm sure you often hear "how do you find time for them all?" and other questions commonly asked of big families. I don't think you are at all irresponsible, you clearly love your children and want the best for them. My point was that some people out there don't think people should have many children, but for moms like us, we wouldn't have it any other way. I was simply making the point that what is right or wrong for us is not what is right or wrong for someone else. I can tell from your blog that you love and care for your children, I never doubted that, and I'm sorry if you thought that was my intention.

Now that I have cleared that up, I read this article today, and hereby take back my 'mind your own business and leave them alone' stance.,2933,486645,00.html
I had been standing up for her in a world where more than 4 is often 'too many' and when she requested their lives be kept private, I applauded her. But now it looks like she is hoping to profit from this situation, and instead of spending time with her miracles, she is courting agents, book deals, and Oprah.

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure there were no hard feelings. I truly wish you and your family all the best!

Michele said...

Anonymous, Thank you for apologizing to me. You made my day. Honestly. You didn't have to write me back, but it was very nice of you. I understood where you stood and what you were saying. You did make some very valid points. Everyone has their own opinion and yes, we shouldn't judge anyone...but I usually follow my gut feelings and with this feeling were bad...and right. I really wish I was wrong about this whole thing. I just have to say that I am praying for that whole family and everyone involved. hard feelings what-so-ever. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. (cyber hug)