Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a small update

Wow...where to start... First off, I want to apologize about not posting more. My laptops motherboard cracked in half...don't ask how...LOL...so I am using my husbands computer until mine is fixed. We have been bombarded with snow since Saturday and it's still coming down! I cant wait till spring...but then....my backyard gets flooded and it's not a very pretty picture.

I want to thank everyone for their kind words and support for our quest to get on Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I am slowly making a video of each room of the house and ourselves. If there is ANYONE who wants to say a kind word on video for us...please e-mail us at mtomecko@yahoo.com . We need people in our community who knows us to help us out in that way. I want to get the application and video mailed to them soon. I am so grateful to you all...I even see that we have our Mayor's support...Thanks Dean!

I have been very busy cleaning house to "declutter"... I cant get over all the stuff we can accumulate....crazy!!! I am also trying to figure bedrooms out. Right now we have 2 sets of bunks in 1 room, a single bed and a crib in another 8x9 room, and our bedroom has our bed and a crib. I think we have decided to get a sofa bed for the living room for us to sleep on and just have all the kids in the upstairs rooms (come on home makeover ;) !

I also want to say that my video that I worked so hard on of my twin pregnancy throughout the whole Nicks death/Kenny's NICU stay was blocked from google video and You Tube because of the songs that were on there...copyright problems...oops. I don't understand...other people have their videos of their preemies and angels on there with beautiful songs from popular singers and THEY don't get banned...It just makes me sad that I cant show what I worked hard on and show off my beautiful babies and their struggles, but I also understand the copyright infringements. I am just sad about this...that's all.

So onto Kenny and the rest of the kids...

My Kenny has made great strides! He is now pulling up to standing on everything. He is crawling using his hands AND is now climbing the stairs...which we are blocking off. He has also learned to throw temper tantrums...and boy does he throw some doosies!! He has also started to eat cheerios and puffs!!! We are so happy about this...I even caught it on a picture...

Still cant keep those darn hearing aids in either. I don't know what I am going to do! It's driving me nuts~!

On another note....Tony and I are very concerned with his lack of weight gain...he is stuck at 19 lbs....he has his preemie clinic on Thursday, so we will be asking about that. I just don't feel that the Pediasure is doing any good for him, except add too much sugar to his diet. We've been dealing with his fast breathing as well... I am hoping that he is not on his way to getting sick again...but it would just be apprapoe I guess.

The funny thing is, his baby sister Gina weighs almost as much as him...she is now 15 lbs at 6 months old...the biggest baby I've had to date...notice the head size difference... I am hoping that we can figure out why he isn't gaining...I am wondering if it is from all the breathing treatments everyday...I heard that they can stunt growth. If he isn't growing, his lungs don't heal, and if his lungs don't heal, he will have to continue the treatments...seems like a no win situation.

The other kids are doing great. Tony is in basketball...their team really hasn't won a game yet, but to me, its all about having fun...and they do. Taylor and Morgan got Generation Girl dolls for Christmas...so they've been busy with those...and Sydnie...my little Kindergarten Sydnie got her artwork in an art show....She was so excited and I, being a proud mommy was so happy to see her happy! Here she is with her entry...LOVE IT!!!!
and here is another picture that she drew at home...just doodling...I must say, she is following the Kowalczyk/Tomecko artist combo! She's only 5!!!!I am so happy that all my kids have inherited the art gene from both Tony's side and mine!
Well that's about all for now...until I get back from Kenny's appt. on Thursday.
Please keep up with the petition...and pass the info along to others.
Thanks so much. Tony, the kids and I are very grateful to you all that have signed!

OK...I am gonna be brave and post a couple of pictures of my laundry and of the wall of "stuff" I'm giving to goodwill....
Here is my basement with my laundry....
And here is the stuff I'm giving to goodwill...minus the drum bass...which is my son's (who loves to play the drums thanks to my neighbor who gave him a double bass drum...I think that is what they call it)... And that is only most of the clothing...I still have all the toys that I think I am gonna be donating...some to the hospital's PICU and some to the woman and children's shelter...


Fun Mom said...

i know what its like to declutter...seems like thats all i do! and i only have 1 child!

Michele said...

It's so Crazy!!!! I'm gonna take a picture of the stuff I have so far!

liz.mccarthy said...

Hi, I sent in my family last year (July) to extreme home make over and they actually called the woman who nominated our family. They were looking for a San Francisco bay area family, but then we never heard another thing from them.

I got very excited for a while.

Thanks by the way for putting a link to my blog on yours!

Do you know about the preemie support group: (preemie blog moms) on yahoo? You can find the link on my blog home page here:


Michele said...

Thats too bad about getting called and then...nothing. Keep your hopes up though...you never know. But that would really bum me out!
Oh...and yes...I AM part of the preemie blog moms support. I love it. I joined a few months ago...I love the fact that I am not alone in this whole adventure of raising a micro preemie!

BookChook said...

Please congratulate Sydnie on her lovely art work. If she/you would like to send a pic of it to me at my blog, I would love to post it with a blog entry (I blog about children's literature and literacy.)

Just visiting from your link at Momblogs!