Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pneumonia and Kenny

I've been gone for a couple of days because our little Kenny was hospitalized for Pneumonia.
Tony took him into his routine Pulmonologist appt. on Tuesday, the doctor took one look at him and placed him in the hospital with IV antibiotics, fluids, liquid steroids and Albuterol every couple of hours. He spent 2 days there...and it did wonders...for him. He now has diarrhea from the medicine. While in the hospital, he learned the sign for "more". He does it all the time now! Next week, we are going to a "signing snowman" party given by the Hearing loss center. It sounds like fun for the whole family.

Today is the 22nd angelversary for my brother, John. I remember that day like it was yesterday. My parents were taking my twin and I to tour Bowling Green State University...It was such a special day because none of their kids went to college...this was the first time looking at a college for their kids! Anyhow...we got there and a police car stopped our car as we were in a parking lot. The officer told my parents to follow them to the station. There, They had to call home. My sister told them the news that my brother died. He has a heart attack. At age 24! I never saw my parents cry so hard. That whole way home was torture. We all were so sad. My parents' hearts were broken forever. How could this happen? Their only son...a young father of 2 and one on the only brother. Why? I remember them pulling the car over several times just to hold each other and cry. We got to the hospital and were taken in the family room, where everyone was. My parents went to see John in the room that they worked on him. Who would of thought that 21 years later, I would be experiencing the same heartache. I asked my parents when does the missing, the sadness, the emptiness go away...they told me that it doesn't, it just gets easier to live with.
John was a crazy brother...he was so typical of a big brother...always picking on his little sisters. LOL. He worked with at the High school that we attended. Loved by all. One of the last memories I have is of him sitting in the auditorium and listening to our singing group, The Heights Singers, practice for our winter concert. We made it through the concert, but with many tears! So John...I love and miss you dear brother. Your kids are beautiful. I wish you were here so I can make fun of your gray hair...or being a grandpa...but since you are not, Please take care of Nick for me.


Natacha K. said...

Michele, I am so sorry to hear that Kenny had to deal with pneumonia. We went through the same thing with Dylan in September, except for he was just coughing a little and it wouldnt get better so we went to the hospital one night to the ER.. and they told us we had to stay....
The story about your brother John is definately very sad! I sat here all teary eyed reading it! My brother is now 24, and unfortunaterly, we aren't close at all, never been. Mom used to tell me it will come by the time we are a little older.. but nope. It sometimes makes me sad because he's the onliest sibling I have. :/

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Michele said...

Thanks Natacha, I hate when the kids get sick. Sorry about you and your brother not being so close, especially since there are only you two. Does he have any kids? If he doesnt, maybe when he does, you'll have something in common to become close. i dunno.