Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Signing Snowman

Yes, today was an eye opener for our family. We went to an event that the Regional Infant Hearing Program held. It was for the kids in their program and their families. They read 2 books while the snowman was so nice. My kids really enjoyed meeting new friends...actually, Tony and I did too. My first instinct was to say that MY child was not like this and we really don't belong...but as I sat and watched all these little babies and kids...I realized..."Oh my gosh, we ARE one of these families, my child DOES need hearing aids....he IS one of those kids that cant hear very well". It was kind of hard to swallow, but as the party went on, I started to feel more relaxed to the idea. It is very strange how, when thrown into a situation, what children are all learning signs for everyday simple words...I love it. My 3 year old is one of the ones that LOVES to sign...and she shows off how well she can and all the different words.
This is a picture of Kenny signing "more"...

Here is a picture of them making snowmen out of Graham crackers, marshmallows, pretzels and m&m's....the had tons of fun doing this:And this is the kids posing with Frosty the Snowman (who, by the way, was over-heating in the costume).So afterwards, we went to the cemetery to take Nick's snow cross marker and a Christmas tree...My baby needed a tree! I am going to be adding more, but it was just waaaay to cold out! I have a wreath that I am going to be putting on the cross...and I also am going to be getting some poinsettias to put there too. I feel like I should do more, but I am trying to tell myself that Nick isn't there...he is in's mostly for us..the decorations, the notes that I bury to him..its all for us. Speaking of angels....I would like to share with the whole world, my angel Christmas tree. Most of these angels came from people from around the United States that granted my wish for angel ornaments from! I just wanted to have something that would remind me that my angels (Nick & my 2 miscarriage babies) were still with our spirit. These wonderful strangers had a heart and sent them to me, so not only will I remember my angels, I will know that there is loving, kind and caring people in this world every Christmas that I put up this tree. If anyone would like to send me one for this tree or even next years, let me know in a comment and I will get back to you. My goal is to have a huge tree with angels from all over the world...and day in our dream home ...
yes, we are a little obsessed with this house...its beautiful...just right now...a little out of reach (yes ...God, I am still waiting for that black cloud that is over our family right now to lift and You grant us a miracle...any day now).

So...anyhow....I'll end this post with a picture of our tree and the mantle full of stockings...we filled that up fast! LOL

And...yes....we DO have plug in fake logs! LMBO!!!

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