Thursday, December 11, 2008


Oh, It about time that I start posting again.

Lets see, Kenny is feeling MUCH better. He is actually back to his old self again. He is now crawling on his hand rather than his forearms! It is a very big accomplishment for him. Especially since he has not had PT/OT for a while, because of being in the hospital. He also is starting to sign! Yes, that is right! He now does the sign for "more" and "finished". I am so excited about this because before this, he really has not been communicating with us. We are still working on the signs for mom, dad, car (since he loves to look outside at the cars), and milk. This Saturday we are going to a "Signing Snowman" function that the Infant Regional Hearing Loss group is having. This will be our first time at any of their events. Kenny will be getting his hearing aids next Friday (the 19th). I am very nervous about this whole thing, but know that it will be a good thing for him.
Oh, I also have been able to get him to eat again. Its still the stage 2's but, at least he is eating again. I even gave him the liquid part to Campbell's alphabet soup...with some baby cereal to thicken it up...AND HE ATE IT! As you can tell, eating has been an issue for him. So we are slowly making progress!

Gina, his baby sister, is growing like a weed!!! I swear, she is going to surpass him in weight very soon! I don't think I have ever had a baby that likes to eat as much as her...I guess I can contribute that to having her at 36 weeks rather than 23 or even 34 weeks like the rest of my kids! I have to remember that she is developing right on target for her age...Kenny is not. I should be used to the "normal" but I have gotten very used to Kenny and his delays, that anything new that Gina does, I am flipping out that she is so advanced...but she is just right on! LOL. She is grabbing for things, trying to sit (with help of course), and just interacts so nicely...its so bittersweet.

I am still in the realm of wondering why God took Nick. What was/is His plan? Don't get me wrong, I would NEVER give Gina up or wish she wasn't here...She is my little ray of sunshine, But why couldn't God just let me be a mom of my twins. I guess he kind of is letting me, because Kenny and Gina are so close in age...and if you factor in the developmental delays, they are even closer. I am trying to move on and accept the way things are, I really am...I am waiting and hoping for the day that I wake up and accept my life, and what has, is, and will happen.

As for my other children, they are all busy with school. I cant believe that next Friday is the last day of school before Christmas break! I get to have the kids home with me for...two...whole...weeks! ummm. I really need to find things for these kids to do while home...I am up for any suggestions...that doesn't cost money since my husbands business is very slow. I am really hoping this slump ends...because if it doesn't...god knows what could happen. It also doesn't help that we are down to one vehicle, since his work van died. Yep...this year is just sooo good for us (dripping with sarcasm).
One final note to self: When you are diagnosed with dry eyes, no matter what...keep putting the eye gel in at night! Last Friday to cornea tore! I would give birth any day then experience a corneal abrasion! k...that all. ;)

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