Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things I love...

I figured that I have been feeling very down lately, with everything going on in my life, that I would list what I goes...
My family
My husband when he hugs me
When my kids smile and are truly happy
Watching Kenny sleep...he sleeps on his tummy...very, very cute!
Trying to change Gina's shirts...she is very ticklish under her arms, and she cracks up every time I try to take something off or put something on her!
Christmas music
My sisters because we all have this bond that is so very special to me...I love you all
My parents because even though they are a million miles away, I can still call them and they can make me feel you guys!
My friends...even though I am not around much or call them...I love them (Denise...yes you!)Snow...when I don't have to go outside

4:00 am-7:00 am...because it is MY kids (after I get one of the babies to sleep)
My church...they have helped us very much these past 2 years.
My kitchen...I still love it after 3 years after I redesigned it...It's my favorite part of my old, small house.
My Angel ornaments
My Foxes that live in my back yard...its so fun watching them play back there.
My garden in the summer
The first warm Spring day
Being able to fit into my clothes that I wore when I was 20...even after 9 pregnancies!
Making jewelry and headpieces....I feel so accomplished when I finish a piece!
Oh...Painting my Christmas know, those unfinished plaster pieces...well, I have a whole village that I painted...LOVE IT!
Harry Connick Jr, his voice AND his looks...(heehee...had to throw him in, sorry Tony, you know I love you more! LOL)
The smell of lilacs
The look of Hydrangeas and roses
New Years Eve...we always have a little party with the kids...just like when I was little! Which brings me to the next one...
My Grandma Chiaverini's Squid in her spaghetti sauce...even though I haven't had it for years!
A big feather pillow and warm, soft blanket!
New make-up
and I'll end the list with Obsession perfume...Reminds me of when I first met Tony!

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Anonymous said...

I love you too Michele...
you're permenatly in my heart!