Sunday, November 30, 2008

Post Thanksgiving

Ah...Thanksgiving is over and it all seemed like a blur! When you have 7 kids, 4 of whom are is not a warm feeling (unless they are puking from coughing so hard)!
There is not much to be thankful for this year...I really wish there was. Financially, we are not doing that great, the kids, especially Kenny, hasn't been feeling well...not to mention all the problems (developmentally, hearing, lungs and eating) he has. My other kids are feeling tons of stress in our house, which I really want to tell them it will get better...but I need to believe it first. I feel like we are in a dark hole that we cant get out of.
Enough of my depressing babble...
We did, however, make something that I haven't made since I was a little girl...
Salt Dough ornaments! It is very fun...and the kids had a blast! (this was the LAST WEEK) LOL!
The holiday started off pretty well, on Thanksgiving eve the we all sat and cut up bread for the was one tradition that I really wanted to keep from when I was little. The kids were really into it this year. They knew exactly the size to cut the was very cute.

Then it was onto the pies...we made 4 chocolate and 2 pumpkin...I would have made more, but nobody told me that there was a difference between "sweetened" condensed milk and "non-sweetened"... I got the sweetened and was it thick! Kinda made the pumpkin pies take on an almost candy taste. The kids liked the chocolate pies better anyhow.

Onto Thanksgiving day....

Woke up nice and early (after being up with Gina and Kenny for about 4 hours total) at 6:30...started the stuffing, cleaned the 2 turkeys that we had. We usually get a 22 pounder, but instead, we bought a 12 and a 14 pounder. I was making 2 so one can stay here and one was to go over to my sister in laws house...since that was where we were going to have dinner this year. I was really looking forward to going...had the turkey, the brussel sprouts that we HAVE to have! Tony, my nephew John and his friend went to go to their annual "Turkey Bowl" football game. This was my husbands...I think 16th year...he will never get old...and that is what I like about him. He is always playing around like a kid. Loves football, baseball, basketball....anything that keeps him busy. I wish I had his energy! This is them getting ready to go have fun.

It all looked like everything was going like the perfect Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving I was hoping for...the kids were watching the Macy's Day daughter Morgan looks forward to the Rockettes....ever since she was a little 3 yr. old...she had gotten to the point of critiqueing their outfits this year. She preferred last years outfits to this years. LOL! My Niece (John's wife) stayed over and was helping me with the kids. It was perfect....


about a half hour before we were ready to leave, the 4 youngest ones started with the coughing that would not stop! What the heck was going on!

It ended up, that Tony took the 3 older ones to his sisters house while I stayed home with the sickies and made the side dishes for our dinner...which we were going to end up eating here. The kids took naps, and when Tony came home with the kids (around 5:30), Kayleigh and Kenny both had fevers of 102! Oh JOY! Then came the coughing that started the I get off the train yet...please? LOL

So fast forward a couple of days....3 nights from "you know where". Maybe....just maybe...8 hours of sleep TOTAL. It doesn't do a body or mind good.

Friday I took Kenny to get fitted for his hearing aids...It was a bittersweet moment. I know that he will be able to hear, and finally start picking up some more communication skills, but still...he has been through so much in his little life, that he shouldn't have to have a hearing problem. And yes, it is permanent. It isn't just for a short is forever. It is a lot to take in. Anyhow, I picked out an almost indigo-ish color for the part that goes behind his ears, and the part that goes in his ears will be clear.

I also took him to his peds on Saturday morning because, again...all Friday night, he was up coughing and puking (from coughing so much). I was giving him his Pulmicort and Albuterol along with Vicks on his chest and back for his breathing...on a good note, he wasn't(isn't) wheezing...just coughing and breathing fast. The doctor just told me to keep up with the Albuterol for the cough. His pulse ox was 96...which is pretty normal for him...I was very relieved about that...I really thought he was going back in the hospital. I hate the cooler months for this reason.
We are all smooshed in this little house, we cant help but breathe on each other...there is no way around getting sick in here. My husband calls our house a "pathway" house...because there is only one path to walk through! And you know what...he is SO right!
I did put up the tree...we still have a lot of the decorations to put on it, but at least it is to get my but in gear and take the "fall" decorations down from outside...maybe I'll make Tony do it. LOL!

I just want to say one more thing.

I want to thank the people on the site http://www.wishuponahero/, I put in a couple of wishes (under mtomecko) of which was for angel ornaments for our Christmas tree, and I have received my first one...It just made my day. You know, with all the bad going on in the world...and in my life, It is so nice to see that people that don't even know you, feel for about you. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Now if I can get someone to help out with the dream home wish (we could really use a miracle right about now)...LOL
I'm gonna end this post with a few random pics from the last few days...
Can Gina get any cuter!!!! LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!!!
My two sick babies!
Our very own swipper the fox...he was hunting for his Thanksgiving dinner...squirrel...we actually have 3 foxes, one is light tan and huge, while the other 2 look like this!
Me...after 2 nights of no sleep...but I did get the tree up though! LOL! Just had to get a picture of Taylor in here.

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