Friday, November 21, 2008

November 2008

I am running on! I figured I'd's about that time again.
Well, first off, is it possible that a person can function on coffee? Lots and lots of coffee! 7 kids, doing homework with 4 of them, a 4 month old who likes to eat every 2 hours, the same one loves to wake up at night just as much! A 18 month old (who is more like an 8 month old) who has 2 different breathing treatments 3 times a day, pt/ot every week...on top of me working with him every day, him waking up at 3:00 am EVERY night since coming out of the hospital., coughing..and staying up till 5 then by that time Gina is up again, so I just stay up and get the kids school stuff together. I feel like I am in the movie Groundhog just keeps repeating and repeating! UGH!!!!
Yeah...I am SO ready for a weekend away...yep...anyone willing to watch 7 kids for a weekend? I don't think so! LOL
I love and hate this time of year... I love the first snow fall (which btw, already happened). I love putting up all the decorations, listening to Christmas music, the smell of pumpkin pies, cinnamon, apples and evergreens. Buying or making gifts for people, and watching all the holiday shows. I also just put up our tree...yes I know it's a little early, but...well...I needed a little change from the last couple of Thanksgivings...see, It was 2 years ago that Taylor asked me "mom...if you had twin boys, what would you name them"...2 weeks later, I got a positive on a pregnancy test...then a month after that...was one of the happiest, most exciting times...I found out that I was preggers with Nick and Kenny. Then last Thanksgiving, I got a positive on another test! This Thanksgiving (NO I am NOT pregnant again), I have a beautiful new daughter, Gina, and my Kenny is working on getting stronger every day. I was hoping that the pain of losing Nick would have gotten easier, but that is not the case.
My days are so busy, I barely have time to breath. I can only hope that it will be worth it in the long run.
I also want to say R.I.P. to Father Robert Hoban. He was the Pastor of our church. He was a wonderful person who cared for everyone. He helped my oldest son, work through the death of Nick. He was also the priest that buried Nick. Who would have thought that a year and a half later he would not be here, but with Nick...probably holding him. He went through so much with the cancer he had, I am praying for his family...what a horrible time of year to lose someone...well...I guess it is never a good time to lose a loved one, but the, so sad.
Lets kids are doing very well. Tony, Taylor, Morgan and Sydnie are loving school this year! There is just SO much homework! As they are growing up, I love seeing their personalities come out! Tony is very persistant..LOL...Taylor, well she is a very artistic little girl who really doesn't like makeup, but love dolls. Morgan LOVES makeup, fashion and teen magazines...yup...I'm in trouble with her! LOL. Sydnie is the brainy one...she is only 5 and in kindergarten, but her teacher told us that she should be in first grade! GO FIGURE! Kayleigh is an in between of Sydnie and Morgan, she loves makeup, but also is a little smarty pants...for only being 3! Kenny is the love bug...he loves to be loved and loves being played with. And finally, Gina...She loves to be held and giggles at everything.
Kenny is now getting hearing aids in both ears because he has mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears. It should be interesting to see how he does keeping the aids in the ears. I learned some signs to start doing with Kenny...Mom, Dad, milk, all done, finished, and thank you. I never for the life of me ever thought that I would have to learn sign language. He is also still on 1/8 liter of oxygen at night..which he really doesn't like to keep in! Developmentally, he is crawling on on his forearms and is able to pull up to a kneeling position. I am still real sad that he is still REALLY behind, but we are working with him. I think that once he gets his hearing aids, it will help. I just pray every day that when Kenny starts school, that the kids dont make fun of him and how he talks (because of his hearing loss) and of his aids. I know how cruel kids can be.
Gina, our newest is now 4 months old. She weighs in at a hefty 13 lbs. and is perfect and right on(developmentally) for her age. If we can just get her to sleep through the night now! LOL!!
We had Gina and Kenny baptized a couple of weeks ago. It was beautiful. My sisters were the Godmothers and Tony's friend and brother were the Godfathers. My sisters surprised me with a beautiful sash for Kenny to wear with his name on one side and Nicks on the other...such a nice way to remember Nick on this special day! The outfits that my sisters got for Kenny & Gina were so beautiful. The whole day was very perfect. My twin sister even surprised me by coming in with her whole family from Alabama! I miss them so much! Her kids and mine are as close as sisters and brothers...even though they live so far away from each other!
On a side note...I can use every one's prayers that we either win the lottery or that somehow, someway we come into some money to buy our dream home. We have found it. Tony and I have had our eyes on it for 2 years now. It is everything that we every wanted AND need in a house. It is new, so that means that it is very clean...for Kenny's sake, that is very important. There is no drafts, dust, old paint, mold...well...everything we have in our house now. There is enough space for all of us to live is just perfect...the only problem is that it is very expensive. I have posted on the site for I will ask all of you for the same. We need some happiness and a miracle. These last 2 years has taken a toll on Tony and myself.

Here is our dream home...(so please say some prayers that somehow we can get it)

Well...let me get going. The kids are starting to get crazy...

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