Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Whats with...

Whats with ...

EVERYONE (celebs) expecting TWINS?????!!!!

What...God thought THEY could handle them, but I couldnt? I could have...I would have given anything. These celebs have millions and STILL have twins...I dont have squat, and have a surviving twin that is special needs...I Just dont get it. I try to do everything right in life...go to church, nice to everyone, try to help people as much as possible, etc... yet..God didnt think I could handle twins? I am having a moment! I am feeling really down! Why is it that I couldnt have both of MY twins? LIFE IS NOT FAIR!!!! I was so ready to be a mom to twins. It was something that I've always dreamed of. I love my Kenny with all my heart...please dont get me wrong...I just miss the whole "mommy of twins" thing that I was looking forward to. I'm so sad today...maybe it's from lack of sleep...I dunno.I'm going to have a BIG glass of wine now!

Oh...BTW..Happy Birthday (In Heaven) John...tomorrow (Aug. 6)

I hope you are spending it with Nick. Love and miss you, Bro!
I feel really bad for my parents now knowing what it feels like to lose a child. It hurts...birthdays hurt. Love you tons Mom & Dad.

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