Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A day that started bad and just got worse

It all started when I woke up to a cold house...and since we were just without power for 5 days, cold isn't one thing I like too much anymore. I tried adjusting the new thermostat...nothing. I went down the basement to check the furnace...nothing. It wasn't working! So at 6:30am, I was calling the 24 hour hotline explaining the conditions of our chilly home. Guaranteed to get someone out to look at the problem.
Got the girls off to school came home and picked my hubby, Kenny and Gina up and went to vote. After that, we wert tothe grocery store to stock up on 10 for $10 products and oh...we scored big with canned veggies 20 for $10. Came home to drop off a very busy hubby. We then went to Kennys doctor appt...
For weeks we have been noticing how yellowish-orange kenny's skin has been turning. I just though that because he's been eating so much baby food that has carrots in it, that it would clearly be the reasoning behind his Oopah Loompah coloring. But being kenny and a Tomecko, our luck isn't the best...now were not too sure.
As I had him at his comprehensive care appointment today, they were checking him over, they (his nurse practitioner and his nutritionist) did not like the fact that he was so yellow, lost some weight and has been having diarrhea. They were talking about his liver, absorption of something and vitamin A...something or other. Yeah, everything just started to sound like blah,blah,blah..ugh. She also wants to keep an eye on his one...uh...how shall I put this...testicle. It keeps slipping up and not descending like it should. Now...being a mom and female, I honestly didn't know those things move up and down...ewps. So now we have a bunch if new worries for me to deal with. What else is new. I am hoping that the weight loss is from the lack of pump feeds due to our power being out for 5 days...yes, five days of a dark cold house with nowhere to go or nothing to do...it really puts into perspective how much we rely on technology...for everything! Thanks to some good friends, we had nice hot dinners and even a good nights sleep in a warm house after 3 nights of sleeping in an icebox we call home. You had to have seen all of us...walking around the house with flashlights and bundled up in layers which included gloves and hats...hey, it sort of worked. So yeah, hoping and praying it's nothing more than just cutting out dome of the stage three foods. I being honest and saying I'm quite scared.
While I was on my way home from the appointment and racing to the girls school to pick them up, my husband calls to tell me not to get upset...i freaked out and asked him why and he went in to tell me that the neighbor that I so graciously like (not), the one that asked if he could cut the branch that was hanging over his house...which, by the way, was about 5 ft. Long and 2" in diameter. We told him to go ahead to only take the part that was hanging over his house off because it was a huge branch that was a major branch to the tree...our tree. Well, the neighbor ended up cutting the whole huge branch off...in one large whack. And would you know that not only did he cut way too much of it off, it also hit my house! Not the end part of the branch...noooooo...that would have been much too easy on this day from he**. It was the wide part of the branch...which was at least 12" in diameter and 20 ft. long! Took out our siding, window frame, shutter, decorative retaining bricks and my outdoor electrical outlet which was part of my house! The hole that the limb made in my house was so deep into the wall that it broke and pushed the inside wall apart! I am just thankful that we weren't home and in the house when it happened and that no one got hurt. My first reaction is anger...and yes, I did kinda get mad at the idiot of a neighbor, but then I thought that it was just an accident, it could have happened to anyone...well, anyone that tried cutting down a huge main branch without any prior tree cutting experience. So now it's all in the insurance company's hands. We had damage from the superstorm and now we have even more damage from my neighbor.
So as you see...today had been extremely stressful. I can lay here and dwell on the negative or I can take my Nyquil and pray that whoever gets voted into office that they take great care of our wonderful country and the people in it. I have so many friends and family that need prayers because of illness, a death or other issues, that this stuff is just that...stuff. Things that will eventually get fixed. As for Kenny, he has proven himself over and over...just keep him in your prayers.

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