Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A crazy dream

Figured I better write this dream out...we've all had one. The kind of dream that wake you up from a deep sleep and sticks with you for hours throughout the day. Yep...

I'm driving our van with my oldest daughter, Taylor in the second row of seats. It must have be winter but there was no snow on the ground. The streets were slightly slick with some black ice in some areas. Well, I came to an intersection and stopped at the red light. When the light turned green, I hit the gas but the van wouldn't go. The tires started spinning on the ice. I tried and tried to make it move forward, but it wouldn't budge. Finally after a few minutes the tires grabbed the street and we started moving. As we were driving, I had to get around this older, grey haired gentleman in a small compact car which matched his hair color. So I sped up and all of a sudden, I lost control of the van. We started to spin. I tried to regain control, but the van wouldn't stop spinning. All of a sudden, I got sucked out of the window. Somehow I managed to still hold on to the steering wheel for dear life. I was screaming to Taylor to please make sure she has her seatbelt tight and to brace herself for the crash. I was scared to death because I knew I was a goner, but I didn't want to leave my kids. I was loosing my grip as the van was really spinning. We just missed hitting the guy in the little car and the velocity of the spin was winning the battle of me holding on. I kept thinking of Taylor in the van alone. Thinking about if she was going to get hurt when the stopped spinning and crashed into something. Thinking about what Taylor was going to witness when I go flying out the car. I didn't want her to be sad, scared or anything bad. I just couldn't hold on any longer. I was slipping, crying and kept telling Taylor that I loved her...then I lost my grip. I felt myself being sucked out of the van and thought "so this what it feels like when there is a car accident and you hear that someone is "thrown from a vehicle"...and now I'm one of those people.
I woke up before hitting the ground.

Yeah...scary and extremely disturbing.

So all you dream interpreters...let's hear it. I pretty much know what this dream is about...and it's pretty freaky how ones mind can take what your feelings...emotions and actions and turn them into such realistic and quite haunting dreams.


John Scanlan said...

Hi Michelle,
I was looking for Tony's email address and came across your blog. The video was wonderful--thanks for doing that. Though I see you and your family up at church all the time, I really didn't know your story. Oh, I have photos from the Fall Fest, and some of your family members are featured. Where shall I send them? You can email me: (didn't use the @ sign so my address wouldn't get scraped up by somebody.) See you at church! John Scanlan

John Scanlan said...

PS. If you keep old fashioned photo albums, I can get prints made, if you prefer. I always use prints--I have forty -some photo albums chronicling our whole married life. -John