Wednesday, November 9, 2011

U.S.S Kenny

(Ultra Super Special )

Last week was picture day for Kenny at his special needs preschool. It's been a very emotional day for me. At one side, I am so excited that he is healthy enough to be at school to be getting his picture taken..actually...I should say, am extremely blessed that he is here at 4 years old, in a special school and getting his very first school picture taken.
And on the other end, I am so sad at the fact that...again...another first that his twin, Nick won't be experiencing. I guess this life of being a bereaved mother with a surviving twin will always be a bittersweet one.
Because of this, I made a pin for Kenny to wear on his shirt. It's an angel pin with a very tiny prematurity awareness ribbon dangling from it.
I sometimes think that it's not fair that I try to keep nicks memory alive through Kenny, but it's how I am dealing with this and Nick will always be Kenny's Twin....
On another note, Kenny got his new hearing aids...YAY!!!! They are different than the last ones he had, lost and broke (haha). They are made so the teacher can just talk into a microphone and he will be able to hear it where ever he is and whatever he is doing...rather than having to sit right next to an FM speaker. He was denied several times from Medicaid but with the help from all of his doctors, specialists, teachers and us...we finally got them!
Kenny's health has been so-so, (knocking on wood) he hasn't been THAT sick to end up in the hospital...just the typical coughing and runny nose.
We got his report card today...he has really excelled in school! He is really working on trying to meet all of his goals from his IEP. He is starting to play with other kids, vocalizing more (not words...just a lot of sounds...but we'll take it!), just all around really starting to act more of a 3 year old! I'm so very proud of him!

On another note...I had to put my Milestones For Miracles on hold last month and part of this month due to personal reasons. I am sorry if I didnt get some shirts out to those that needed them...I promise to make it up to you all. Its just that I had some pretty bad luck (things happen) lately and I had to put things on hold. I WILL be starting up again this weekend...I PROMISE!

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brigette said...

I love the pin on his shirt idea! Simply AMAING. What a sweet family you have. I am so sorry for your loss. Loosing children is the hardest thing in the world. Much love and prayers mama!