Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fever or the real thing?????

Mommy, I see guys in our room...don't you see them? They're right over there (pointing by the bedroom door). As the night went on, she still was waking me up to tell me that these guys were scaring her. Feeling her head, I knew she was delirious with fever so I took her out of her crib (which is in our room), and took her downstairs to get her some Motrin for the fever. I brought her back in bed with now in our king size bed, we have Kenny at the far right, my husband, Gina and myself with just about 3 inches of bed before I hit the floor.
By now it was 4 in the morning and I have been up for 2and a half hours trying to convince my 3 year old (and myself) that there was no ghosts in our room let alone, in our house!
As she was laying next to me, she pointing towards the door of the room insisting that someone was standing there. I told her to tell the ghost to go she was yelling at it to go...then I pulled the blanket up closer to us with the iPad on for a night light (playing soothing Christmas music). It seemed to be working...she dosed off for about 4 minutes...then I see her stating at me...well...past me. She said, mommy....the guy is right next to you, don't you see him? He's right there. this point, I am freaking the heck out! I pulled the blanket up over both of our heads and was trying tho wake my snoring husband up from his deep sleep...which he so badly deserved after working all hours of the day and night.
So we both finally fell was probably from lack of oxygen due to the blanket covering our heads...haha...
Morning came, and she woke up taking about the people she saw in our room. Taylor nonchalantly was asking her very general questions, as to not put ideas or words in her head....questions like....How many are there? (answer: 3). How old are they...are they like my age(12), mommys age or grant as age? Her answer....a guy mommy's age, Kenny and a little girl with brown hair. Hmmmm.... Now I have to the one that she says was Kenny...was it Nick? I guess if you believe in this kind of stuff, then it is very interesting...especially wit hthe odd things that have been happening around here lately. But, if you don't believe, then I guess you could chalk it up to being delirious with fever or something real logical. I'm not sure what believe...all I know is that she was very sure and positive that there were people in our room...and it wasn't us. To top the whole thing off...this was the second time in 3 days that she has freaked out about these people in our room...and coincidently, the last episode happened in 11-1-11 (all Saints Day). I am a very strong believer in the powers and meanings of 11:11. 11-1-11, or anytimhpg that. Eeeeeeek!

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