Wednesday, November 30, 2011

D@mn extreme prematurity!

I thought we were out of the woods, I mean...four and a half years later, I thought we wouldn't have to worry about too much...boy was I wrong! I do know that when a preemie gets sick, it happens hard and fast, so Monday when he was up all night long wheezing and had a fever, I knew he had to get to the hospital. We get there and the "doctor" that took care of Kenny heard he was wheezing...his pulse ox was 93 as well so they gave him a breathing treatment, still wheezing...and sent him home with prescriptions that couldn't be filled because of something written wrong on them. Fast forward to yesterday morning when he woke up and just looked very sickly. After me being up all night with breathing treatments and Tylenol/Motrin to keep his fever not to cause a seizure...the wheeze was still there. I called and they got him right in for a chest x-ray and office visit. In the office, he was pulse ox-ing the very low 90's...when the doctor listened to his lungs, he wasn't moving any air at all. At that time, they ordered back to back to back albuterol treatments...7 total and he was still stating very low and having a hard time breathing. They decided to admit him to the pediatric intensive care unit where they can keep a better eye on his lungs. He, at that point, was put on 2 liters of oxygen...and he was STILL pulse ox-ing in the low to mid 90's. The flood of memories and emotions hit me like a Why? After all of the struggles he has been through...why does he have to battle massive lung issues that could kill him. I lost nick to bad lungs and I really thought we were out of the woods with Kenny...but I guess this will always be an issue.
Today he has been sleeping, much more than yesterday...and I am sitting here so mad at the fact that the doctors on Monday, didn't listen to me...his mom...who knows her son. And also mad at prematurity!
It has robbed me of my twins, it has robbed my Kenny of a normal childhood and it has robbed my emotional state and way of looking at life.
Please keep the prayers coming..he is not out of the woods.


Melissa Fox said...

We love you all and are sending many prayers and hugs to you at this difficult time. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with this.

Tami said...

Big hugs sweetie.

Tami said...

Big Big hugs sweetie