Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crazy, crazy last couple of weeks...part one

How proud can a mom be? Very. Watching your oldest daughter and her cheer squad completely proud! They did a great job...didn't win, but did an awesome job anyhow!

The day started at 5 in the morning....oh wait...let me back track a little....

It was the start to the very busy weekend ahead, Kenny's PTU Halloween family fun night. Thursday was Kenny's Halloween party, and Friday was the day to start my 300+ cupcakes for our churches Spaghetti dinner. During the day, I dealt with a very crabby Kenny, a day out of shopping for cupcake stuff and then picked the kids up from school, did a few more errands and then started the cupcakes. I got 13 dozen cupcakes made (6 dozen red velvet and 7 dozen apple/ scratch). I was working on the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes when the apple/bananas were done. I grabbed them out of the oven, and closed the oven door. All of a sudden the entire top (control panel) of the oven/stove sparked...A LOT...and burned all the dials and wiring! freakin exploded. So...what was I to do? After crying I laughed at what else could go wrong? I mean....its been one thing after another...It has been almost comical!

I can rule out a big glass of wine because of the heartburn it has caused me in the past. Maybe a long trip off of a short many people counting on me and would miss the maid work...haha. So I just had to say screw it. screw the broken oven, the electrical in the house that makes every light bulb blow every week, the broken doors, small apartment sized refrigerator, the ants, the water seeping in the basement, the cement blockade that I hit with my van, and the screaming/crying fits from a beautiful little boy who cant help it and from my other kids who can. Screw the giving up my life as an artist, wanting to be a bridal/headpiece boutique owner, wanting to,, for once be a "high maintenance" type of person.....

...I'm just gonna remember that my life has a path of its own. I've tried and tried and tried...its almost like George Bailey in Its a Wonderful have a whole life planned out and it went completely in a different direction.

S0 after my small pity party, I went to bed to only wake up every 2 hours to Kenny. Knowing that we had to be out of the house at 7 for Taylor's cheer comp. in Akron.

The morning went with the usual fighting (waking a bunch of kids up a 6 is never a good thing). Oh...and by the way, I now know why we need more than one and a half bathrooms in the house. Taylor's hair was in a perfect high ponytail and she looked like the perfect cheerleader...while we were all dressed in the school colors to cheer them on! Finally, we all piled in the car...while some of the kids were still fighting...and headed out.
Getting there at just the right time...not too early and not late at all...yes, that was an amazing feat for us, we're always late!
There were a sea of different cheerleading outfits (girls included) walking around and practicing for the mind you, this is a middle school catholic cheer booty shaking and not a whole lot of acrobats.
The girls did a great job, they were all in sync and worked hard to perfect their cheer/dance. What was really surprising is that the football team was there to cheer on their cheerleaders...
What a great time we all had. The girls didn't win, but they won because they were amazing to us and to themselves! We'll get 'em next year!

Here is the link to the Video I made of the cheer:

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