Monday, November 22, 2010

Motivated Monday

Its the Monday before Thanksgiving and I already have the tree and some of the decorations around the house! I figured that since in this house, there is just a small window of opportunity from the time of clean and decluttered to messy again that I would take it as a perfect time to get the tree up...and I did! Very proud of myself, I must say! My next step is to get the kids all cleaned up for my annual family picture that I take of them...that may be a little tougher. I have to find just the right time to get that picture between colds, naps, fights and baths...haha. I have also promised my kids that this year they wont have to wear matching holiday clothes...only if they want...and so far, the older one just roll their eyes at I guess that's a no. haha.
As you all may have guessed, Kenny is home from the hospital....11 long days in there. Much of it was for the virus he had, but there were 3 day in because they had to test him for reflux (in which he has been on meds all his life for)...turns out, he does not have reflux just the slow emptying stomach. I was kind of ticked off that they had him on reflux medication all that time without them doing this simple test that could have easily have shown that he did not have it. I am beyond happy that he doesn't have it though! We are trying a new feeding regime to see if the throwing up stops, and so far, it is really working! We had to switch around feeding times, give him less Pediasure and start him on Boost Essentials. So keep those fingers crossed that this is the right piece to the puzzle for him! He is getting sick again. Yes, again. Seems like no matter how much we try to protect him, it does no good (For this reason, we will be trying again next year for EM:HE * PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION AND JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP*) So, here we go again...holding our breaths and hoping for a non eventful runny nose.
Today we start back up on Kennys OT at the hospital...we shal see how that will go...update to follow...

*be thankful for life, health, family/friends, strangers that you meet along the way, and every moment that is given to you.

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