Thursday, November 4, 2010

One week, and still in the hospital

Well, its been one week and Kenny is still in the hospital. He is feeling much better in terms of the virus that he had. Pulse oxygen sat. is normal for him, his cough is barely there, and the fever is gone. They have upped the amount taken on his seizure medication too. The main concern now is the throwing up all the time. This has been my concern since he's gotten the feeding tube. We've (the nutritionist and us) tried everything from trying to feed him more by mouth to feeding him more by feeding tube...and no matter what, he is still not gaining...and he is throwing up everything. I asked the doctor if it was because his stomach is too small and he just cant handle too much going in. The newest doctor that is taking care of him while he is there now, told me that she doesn't think this is the case...because if it was, he'd be at least getting some calories and gaining something....but he is just maintaining. I mentioned to them that he is a very active little boy...he just goes and goes all day long so maybe he is burning up the calories that way on top of the vomiting...they just don't know. So, he is staying over the weekend where they are taking him off his reflux meds so by Monday, they can do a probe (or scope...not sure what they called it) to see the reflux. If it is showing its ugly head like they think it is, they will be performing the nissen fundo surgery on him (which I am scared to death about).
In the meantime its been a nuthouse here. Gina has a sinus infection along with a "barking" type cough that is making her throw up...yeah...whats with my kids and puking?! I couldn't take the on again-off again fevers and the coughing/runny nose anymore so I took her in. A few weeks ago, she was diagnosed with croup but has since gotten much worse with the symptoms so that is why we were at the peds yesterday. It seems like this season has hit our house hard. We have all been using the hand sanitizer non stop but it still isn't working. I think I am going to have to go out and invest in hospital masks for all of us (tee hee) because we're all fighting either sore throats, sinus problems or coughs and runny noses! This is the downfall to a large family in a small house. Its just the way it is. Maybe this whole "Kenny getting sick" thing was good in its own way, because now the doctors can finally see how much he really is throwing up and not gaining weight...and will help us with finding out answers. Keep the prayers coming. I really miss Kenny being home with us. This whole thing has pretty much been a nightmare for us. I am very grateful for all of the prayers going out for Kenny...keep them coming, he really needs them more than ever.

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