Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Steps....Baby Steps!

Last night, we were sitting watching TV...a very relaxing evening (hard to come by in our house)LOL....anyhow...I was on the couch with the laptop and Tony was on the rocking chair across from me. Kenny was standing on the ground near my feet and all of a sudden...started walking real slowly towards me...5 steps!!!!! THEN after I hugged and kissed him like mad, he took 5 steps over towards Tony at the rocker!!!! I just love that little guy more than life!!! He is trying so hard to do things so his baby sister wont out do him!!! He has also learned to come down the steps...again...thanks to Gina! Yesterday the two of them were going up and down the steps...it was almost like Gina was saying, "Kenny watch me, this is how you are supposed to go down the steps...feet first, backwards....not head first!"
What a good day it was...Kayleigh's Birthday and Kenny walked!


Quadmama said...

Yay Kenny! Way to go!

shydub said...

You really have wonderful family, Im glad kenny can walk now and in no time he can climb up onto that stairs...he is such a sweet baby. Happy Birthday to you daughter! may all her wishes coming true.

Tiffany said...

What a major feat! You go Kenny!