Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seasons of change

Happy Fall everyone! I have finally come out of my 2 year funk, and decided to take it upon myself to decorate our home. Since Extreme Home Makeover hasn't called...and probably wont, I needed to make our house feel warm, cozy and the fall scented candles are burning (in the kitchen of course), the leaf swags and garland with orange lights are everywhere! Mums, pumpkins and scarecrows....I absolutely adore this time of year! I now know that when it is time to sell our house (not for a while), to sell it in the fall...while its decorated!
Haven't done much in terms of blogging lately due to the fact that the kids have just not been feeling all that great. Kenny was supposed to go to his first feeding therapy on Monday, but because he has this upper respiratory cold...cough, out of breath easy and wheezy at times...they told me to keep him home until next week. He is in need of this therapy very badly. His eating is getting worse and worse. He is fine on stage 2 (pureed) and does OK on stage 3...even though he is starting to spit out the chunks of food and just swallowing the pureed part. When it comes to finger foods/solids, he wants so badly to eat. He puts it in his mouth and either spits it out or pockets it for a while. Then he takes everything on his tray and smashes it and pushes it off his is such a mess.

Today is his first speech therapy... should be interesting. I am trying to figure out how they will teach him to talk. I am hoping for a miracle! I would love to hear him say mommy and daddy!

He is also starting is first day of class this Thursday. Again, he was supposed to start last week, but his cold hindered that goal. So we will shoot for tomorrow! I know he is gonna cry...and its going to break my heart, but it will be good for him (and me) that he gets an all day, well rounded therapy.
We are cutting his day short tomorrow though because he has his doc appt. at Comp Care. I have a lot of questions for them and I am hoping for good answers.

On a different note, Gina is now a walker. She is EVERYWHERE! I love it! Its such a relief and a change of pace from Kenny (not saying anything bad about Kenny). It's just....seeing Gina do simple commands, like "go give that to daddy"...and she walks over to daddy and hands him whatever...its so...ah...whats the word I'm looking for...refreshing. It makes me feel that I am NOT a bad mommy. I am doing everything for them to grow, develop and just be...ah...normal.

Kenny is such a challenge, Ive said this many times before. I love him more than life itself...just like the rest of my kids, but its very hard to think I'm a good mommy when he doesn't respond or cant walk,,

Oh, and then I have my oldest son. He decided to quit football. He loved playing but was very hurt that he was only playing for 1 quarter and sat the rest of the game. We were pretty upset ourselves. Here, you get a kid who has played on the team since 4th grade and they make him sit most of the game...when most of the kids (and new kids) play at least 2 quarters...its just not fair! Yes, we tried to tell Tony that he shouldn't quit...don't be a quitter, but in this circumstance, I think he made the right decision. There is a lot of favorites being picked on his team and for a kid to be put through that...its not right. Especially for a Catholic school team! So, anyhow... we'll see how it plays out.
Thats pretty much it for now...just busy with the kids, their homework, the laundry, the cleaning and oh...the decorating! I love the change of seasons!!!!


Frugal Vicki said...

You broke my heart. I wish you could see the love that just pours out of you when you talk about your kids, and that is the single most important thing that makes you not a good mom but a great one.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous about Tony and his football team. I thought football was a team sport or is that only for the kids of coaches ie. favorites. I don't blame him for wanting to quite. He'll rock at something else. Sorry to go off, but I think that is terrible to do to a kid. 6th grade football isn't the NFL.
Keep your head up Tony!!! Luv Aunt Stacey