Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sick, sick, sick...let the school year begin!

Today was supposed to be the first day of school for Kenny....well...he wont be going this week because we have this bad upper respiratory thing on in the house. You know...fever, coughing, sleepy, crabby...which bring....lack of sleep, breathing treatments, nothing accomplished because yesterday I had 4 kids laying around the living room coughing and miserable. We are going today to get them swabbed to see if they have the flu or not. The fevers broke, its just the lung issues now. Gina and Kenny are the ones I am most worried about. They have been up for 2 nights straight coughing so bad, they end up throwing that leaves me with even MORE stuff to do...laundry...oh..and I am still up every 3 hours feeding a the baby squirrel! Oh JOY! LMBO! Its sheer craziness!!! I am hoping this "whatever they got" isn't the swine flu, but it wouldn't surprise me. My anxiety has taken a turn for the worse because of all this.
Here are just a few pics to entertain you all:
Leo the Squirrel...Oh...look what I picked from my garden...Jimmy Durante!!!!!Just a sweet picture of Tony and Kayleigh...I love it!And Gina eating a tomato (no...not the Jimmy Durante one) She LOVE eating them!!! Here is a picture of Tony playing football while Taylor is cheering for his team...Tony is the one with the short socks!
I am keeping this short today just because...well...I am exhausted. I will be updating everyone as soon as we get back from the doctor today.

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