Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall...foliage and flu

Oh the days are getting shorter and the cooler! Happy Fall everyone! The season is truly showing its cold side these days! Yesterday we decided to take the kids to an apple picking farm. We ended up just looking around and buying a bag of apples because it was close to closing time (yes...we got lost...drove for hours...LOL). I couldn't see spending the money on 7 kids for just 20 minutes...but that is OK. The kids enjoyed themselves and we ended up going over to my sisters house where they all got hair cuts! Kenny is looking like a little boy again!

The family pet that is known as "Leo" is doing great...yes...we named him and YES he is a squirrel. We will be giving him to a rehabber at 10 weeks of age...but for now, I have been rehabbing him since he was a few days old. I never thought I'd be having a squirrel living inside my house...but I have gotten attached to him...feeding him every 3 hours or so and now, now he's getting fun. He love to climb and explore. Just look at how big he got...the first picture is from when he was just a week old...and this other picture is from Friday night!

Kenny finally started school up again. He goes twice a week and is finally starting to like it...I think. He cries when we leave, but seems to do well while we are away. Every time I take him to school, it hits me like a ton of son is a special needs kid. Yes, he needs hearing aids. Yes, he is developmentally delayed. Yes, he doesn't all. Yes, he doesn't know how to walk at age 2.5 and no, he cant eat. BUT... YES, he is a miracle and he is so very happy and loving!

He leaves his hearing aids in all day...which is awesome! He now just pulls them out when he feels the bungee cord that holds it onto his clothes. He took a few steps the other I posted earlier, but that was it. Nothing since. I am hoping now that he is in school, he will see other kids his age walking and want to walk...hoping is the key word. I don't know how good its gonna be this winter and cold is already starting to affect him...when he is sick...or I am, it is something that we cant help. It really sucks. We go through more soap and Germ-X around here!

This is one of the main reasons why Tony and I need to move. Our house is just WAY too small. It's not healthy for the kids. They are piled on top of each other like sardines...they cant help but catch each others colds. I just sometimes wish that "the makeover" would have taken place. I really do. I am kinda bummed about that.

I want everyone to remember that October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day!

Because I had 2 at 8 weeks and one at 13 weeks and also lost Nick, I take this day to heart. To remember, reflect and pray to my 3 angels whom I miss so terribly. And also to pray for all those parents that have lost babies like we have. Thanks to modern medicine, Kenny and Nick were able to survive birth at 23 weeks gestation.

When you are pregnant, you have hopes and dreams of the baby(ies) inside of you....when you start to bleed and something goes matter at what week in the pregnancy you are at, it hurts bad...emotionally. Those hopes and dreams are shattered. No longer will you have the "due date" to look forward to. The belly rubs, the looking at cute baby clothes or picking out names. During a miscarriage...its an "I'm sorry, you lost the baby." in the doctors office or ultrasound room. So very heartbreaking. I have to believe that every one of those babies lost during a miscarriage has a soul...they were given to us and taken away for just that very short glimmer of time...for some reason. So, to all my cyber sisters that have lost a it a miscarriage, stillborn, neonatal, infant or toddler....This day is for us and for them. May God wrap his arms around us and comfort us in knowing that our babies are safe with Him and one day we will see them again (I hope and pray).

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COMamabear said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am touched by your stories. Although I have 9 living children, I've lost 6 to miscarriage. I'll be praying for you tomorrow!