Monday, October 12, 2009

RIP to our neighbor...our friend.

This has been a very hard week for all of us, here at the Tomecko house. We lost a great neighbor...he was more than a neighbor, he was family! When Tony and I looked at our house before we bought it...Jerry was the very first person that we met. He was out in the back burning branches that fell. We knew at that moment that he would make a great neighbor...for 15 years, we saw him every day. We was there for us through every high and low of our married life. Holidays, birthdays, summers working in the yard, fall...raking leaves into big piles for the kids...taking the kids on tractor rides...the kids know him as Uncle Jer-bear...
He will be very missed. Its been such a sad week. I know he is not in pain anymore...he fought a very long battle and just got tired. I know that he has finally at peace with his parents and brother that has passed before him and that since he cant be here with us, is at least holding our son Nick waiting for the day that we will see them again. RIP Jerry...we love and miss you.

We also celebrated our oldest son's 12th Birthday! OMG...where has the time gone?! 12 years since my very first baby...who would have thought that 12 years later, I'd be a pro at motherhood....well not a pro, learning along the way...ok....I'll just say I am a "seasoned" mom!
We were gonna have a big birthday party for Sydnie, Kayleigh and Tony this past Sunday, but because of our neighbor's death and sickness in the house...we are holding off. Not sure when...I have the cake design picked out, so when we are ready for that big ol' just needs to be ordered. So, Happy Birthday to my oldest son, Tony....I love you so much! Now...does anyone have that handbook on how to handle teens? lol


crazymomma said...

So sorry for your loss

If you get a hold of that handbook please pass it on! lol I have a 12 year old daughter who thinks she's 21. I just have to knock her down a notch sometimes lol

Michele said...

Thanks. He was such a good man. No wife, no kids...but loved all of ours like his own...and would do anything for anyone.
And about the handbook...LMBO!!!