Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thankful to God and the new house

Starting a new garden has been...well...very trying. The ground had absolutely no nutrients. There was only a small garden bed next to the house, but it was overgrown with weeds. Then we have our ant and critter problem. So yeah...if there is something that I miss from our old house, it's the beautiful raised garden beds with rich soil that we filled them with. So with a little rototilling and some nutrienece, I got the it planted. Fifty-six tomato plants, 12 peppers, 3eggplants,

6 cabbage, 7 zucchini, a row of broccoli, a row of cauliflower and a row of brussel sprouts...
in just this area.
We then have beans, cucumbers, beats, carrots, swiss chard and dill in the raised bed off the side.
Everything was growing great until we came back from our vacation last week. I went out to see how everything has grown and hit me in the face!

all of our broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and cabbage was a feast for a critter!
I went out and bought bird netting and staked it into the ground all around these plants...but I'm not sure if its too late. We shall see.

Here is some of our swiss chard which is ready to be picked...

the raised garden bed. This has had its share of issues as well...weeds and ants...blah!
and here is the whole garden. We are getting a ton of tomatoes...perfect for salads and canning (which I do plan on trying this year).
We even have baby zucchini...which I could never grow at the old house (fingers crossed)
Now...the front of the house has been a little bit more of a chore. Considering we are battling deer...and lots of them. I am finding out that when the books and experts say that deer wont eat a certain plant...wrong...they'll eat anything! Marigolds...they were eating my Marigolds! I also planted Hollyhocks and Gladiolas which are...were...ready about to bloom, I went out there the other morning and eaten...they must have been a great meal for those deer. ugh. I have since sprinkled cinnamon, hot chili pepper and draped a netting over the top of the They will not win...I WILL have a beautiful English Garden front yard!

I still have many plants that I have to plant. I'd like to lay mulch down, but am worried about the carpenter ants...well...ants in for now, it just dirt.
I have 2 grapevines started...
Here is our house...with our door painted and accent pieces to match...
our side yard...
I am loving making this house that was once a dream...not to long ago...a home! A home where a million memories that our family will make happen. With so much thanks to my loving and very hard working hubby...for putting up with my gardening/HGTV/DIY/Lowe's addiction! Coming this fall...interior work...because, why waste beautiful summer days being cooped up in a house!
Another thanks to God and His master plan. We could have gotten the Extreme Makeover Home Edition, but we didn't...and that's ok. We helped a family, made friends and had an experience of a lifetime...not only in knowing that thousands of people were hoping for the best for us and our family but it also gave us the determination and drive to do something for ourselves. This whole experience of live these last 8 years has been a rollercoaster with a lot of hills and valleys. Not knowing what will happen with Kenny and his health...its time consuming. Something we have to think of, but try not to because its hard.  Moments like Tony and I get to just be thankful for what we DO have (all our beautiful kids...even the crazy teens, family, friends and a lot of laughs and love...make life do-able. THIS.IS.DO-ABLE!
Oh..btw...if anyone knows what this dark circle ring in the middle of our front yard is, please let me know. We are stumped. Is it a Google Earth marker? A crop circle? Water main break? ringworm for lawns? clueless. eek!

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