Monday, July 14, 2014

A picture worth thousand words

For the last two months, Kenny has been playing baseball with other kids with disabilities
Today was NEO Challenger Baseballs All Star game and awards cookout. Todays game was, shall I say...a little soggy, but we got the whole game in!
Kenny is playing with his "buddies" in the center.
 Kenny drinking a cup of water...
 Well, hello there Kenny!
 A quick "knuckles" then off to play ball!
 Up to bat!
 We decided to let Kenny try to hit the ball by himself!
 The pitcher was awesome and threw it right at his bat. Making it look and feel like Kenny hit the ball! Here he is at first base!
 Just as The Angels finished batting, it started to downpour...and hard! We had quite a long walk to the car, so needless to say, we were SOAKED, but we had fun! #whatmemoriesaremadeof
We ended up going home to get dried up before the awards cookout...
 Kenny even tried to eat ice-cream!!!
 He received an award, a baseball hat and a baseball. I never thought I'd see this little boy of ours act as normal as possible...playing ball! Its such a HUGE deal for us all. To see him love being a typical kid and getting an award for playing baseball like his big brother and daddy...melts my heart! I mean...look at that smile on his face!!!
 These two young adults were helpers...also known as buddies. They helped the kids bat, run, catch...just be there for them to assist with everything. Very caring and loving people who took time and volunteered their free time to work with these kids of various degrees of disabilities.
 And finally...Kenny's coaches...awesome.
The whole experience of NEO Challenger Baseball was one that I am beyond grateful for. Who knew that when my husband did all the signs for them when they had their big event in our town...that years later, our son would be part of that whole organization. I am without words on how grateful I am. God willing, next year he'll be back for another season!

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