Monday, March 24, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Well, after weeks of not knowing what was going on except that we sold our house...we are finally moved into our dream home!!! Four days of being homeless, living in a hotel and having all our possessions in a big pods pod and 4 moving trucks
...we signed our papers and got the keys!
Bye bye realty sign...
Is gonna take some time to place things and get situated buuuut...we are so excited!
Over the weekend we moved everything in and now the huge part...unpacking!!! 
See this:
This is an original wedding gift that tony and I got (19 years ago) from our boss and his family. I told Tony that I wanted to save this gift for when we move into our forever home...and sooooo...
It was opened yesterday:
A beautiful set of (8) glasses! Thank you Mr. Axelband and family!!! 
It (the house), being a foreclosure, we have found some issues (kitchen sink is pouring water everywhere, light fixtures are needed, and some toilets/faucets are leaky...but I will enjoy fixing them. So today we will go and buy appliances and light fixture since we've been living off of pizza and quarts of milk in the tiny office fridge...oh...and also every closet and pantry needs shelves. So yeah...we are in and adjusting to everything new to us...loving life and thanking everyone for the prayers!!! Yay...happy dance!!

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