Thursday, March 20, 2014

The crazy world of "inbetween"'s the scoop. We're at a hotel. Internet here sucks so I can only write and hope fully it gets posted. I can't go on any message boards/facebook, etc...yeah, we're officially homeless 4 large moving trucks parked in a parking lot, 7 kids, 2 cats and a many people can say that in their lifetime...I guess I can cross that off my bucket list ;) . 

The kids are split up between my sis and niece. We're not sure when we (or even if) well get the Summitview house because of many errors and lies on US Banks behalf. We may know something today or tomorrow or possibly next week. We have two great realtors who are working their butts off to get this worked out (one being my twin sis). I can't say enough of the help and well wishes of so many. The guys that helped us guys rock. That was A LOT of stuff. Bart, thanks again for all your help and direction!! Diane and Anthony...amazing realtors!! And Andrea and Meg, thanks for watching the kids <3 . Oh and Cranmoms...I love you girls!
I'm not sure where this journey will take us...and I am not liking the fact that it's costing us so much just to do something so simple...I mean...ugh.
Yesterday was a bittersweet day...I was fine up until I started vacuuming the carpet in the empty rooms. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I cried, TayTay cried, and even my niece cried. But we're ok...not great, but ok. God will get us through this....hopefully.

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Cowmommy said...

Praying for you all. I've thought of you SOOO Much through the last day and knew it would be bittersweet getting the last of the stuff and the kids out of that house. Still thinking of you and praying for you and hoping with all hope that the bank gets their butts in gear and gets the papers signed!!