Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter blessings 2014

We are slowly getting settled into our new home, just in time for Easter! With any foreclosure, we are slowly finding out what "as is" means. It means finding that the back and front doors don't stay closed and locked (so new doors are in order. It means having to take care of carpenter ants...and yes...we finally got rid of them thanks to Terry the Bug Man. It means having to deal with rooms with no lights (just wires and holes in the ceilings). But it also means tons of space..I mean, Kenny can be screaming like he always does, I can go hide in another room (yay)! It means making this house ours in every sense of the word...from the kitchen to the yard!
This is our kitchen that had absolutely no appliances. we still have to put in the hood vent, light fixture and new faucet..and also, eventually an area for a coffee nook. Personal thanks to my know why.
And here is the front was all over grown, so we took it all down. This summer there will be a vegetable garden in the back (and maybe on the side of the property), hydrangeas, lilacs and many cone flowers and perennials (just like at our old house...boy tht sounds strange). We do "stalk" the old house, and I noticed that all my spring bulbs I planted last fall are all blooming...and it looks wonderful! I can't wait for this house to look as lived in and loved as that one!!!
Anyhow, Tony's shop...aka...ArtPro Graphics is finally in a spot it should a warm, dry our house...yes, the basement is all his! His dad made two huge work tables and he's been slowly but surely making it nice. No drywall yet, but I say that by next fall/winter, when work tends to slow down for him, we will be making it comfy and cozy for him!
Kenny has already welcomed us to our new house...yep...he had a seizure last Sunday. It was a focal seizure, but we called the fire/rescue because I wasn't sure about it. We got to Metro and after 4 hours were released. He was fighting a fever and bad cold. Monday we have an appt. with his neurologist, so we'll see what he says. I hate this for him. Speaking of his health, I want to direct you to one of my friends who lost her son, Jon. A fellow micro preemie/blogger who lost one of her twins early on after their birth and now had to face the hardship of losing her surviving twin son, Jonathan jonathan25weekmiracle. My heart has been with them ever since this happened. I wake up and go to bed thinking of her. This is how freaking fragile our micro preemies are...even many years after their nicu stay! It really sucks.
So, speaking of Kenny, I would like to share with you how religious my little guy is. He loves church, loves people and has a special relationship with God.
Here is the picture he scribbled a few years back...
Is an angel! I want to think he drew Nick!
And here is him watching tv. He turned this station on himself. My hubby caught his and recorded his passion for Jesus and God!

So may this Easter bring comfort and much love to all my friends. God bless!

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