Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Seven kids in school...

Seven kids in school...there was a time when I thought that would be the greatest days ever, I do...but it als comes with a hearty price tag...dun, dun, dun...HOMEWORK. Lots and lots of homework.
While I was helping Gina with her homework I noticed her Spanish binder with a name written in black sharpie...Nicolasa. I asked her and the other girls what it was and here it's her spanish name that her teacher gave her. Another small coincidence? Maybe...but I'd like to think of it as a little reminder from nick :).
Speaking of Gina, my youngest is turning into a real artist.
I never thought I'd see a kindergartener color so precise and in the lines...Im truly impressed with this little product of Tony and myself! Heehee.

Now...onto Kenny! Seems like his speech therapist, Miss Kate really is making HUGE progress with getting through to this little boy of ours! He has finally learned to sound out "noooooo" and also..."dad". Not only that...but this little guy has put two words together! Woo hoo!!!

 Kindergarten has been going pretty well for both Kenny and Gina. They get homework...well, Gina gets most of the homework while Kenny comes home with a journal of what transpired during the day (diaper changes, food eaten and tube feeds which usually cause a need for a change in his clothing). I'm trying to let go and let Kenny become a kindergartener in his own way, but I am faced with years of being an exclusive caregiver to my son which means, I am very weary of people and how they will be caring for my son whom I've almost lost a few times. From diaper changes not being enough throughout the day to making sure he is learning to the fullest potential...I have been going crazy worried. I am, however, getting much needed quiet/down time which lets me clean, do laundry, bake my cupcake orders and...believe it or not...I am actually helping my hubby in the sign shop! I love spending quality time with him. I'm actually feeling a little more human lately...yay me...yay school!

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